When it comes to stirring up a bit of excitement, we have to admit that the latest campaign by Remy Martin has certainly piqued our interest. ‘Quest for a Legend’ is the search for the rarest decanter on Louis XIII Cognac on the planet, and is being carried out in celebration of the cognac’s 140th anniversary.

Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognag 1973 full size

The search will cover various counties, including the US, the Philippines, Malaysia, India and countries in Europe. It will take a year to complete and began on February 03 Singapore.

Louis XIII was launched 140 years ago. It’s known that the first few decanters of this precious liquor left Europe for the USA in 1867. Subsequently, some reached countries in Asia by 1881. Remy is excited to come across some of the oldest and rarest of these bottles.

Search for the Rarest Bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII is on…

Ms Marie Amelia Jacquet, a member of the Remy Martin family, said, “We are looking not just for the oldest, but also the rarest decanter. A lot will be the condition of the decanter. We are looking for full decanters. The level of the liquid as well – but there may be some natural evaporation sometimes, especially with the older decanters”.

Owners and collectors of Louis XIII decanters are encouraged to enter. This can be done by sending photos and details of the bottle to Remy Martin either in person to their local Remy Martin Office, or via SMS text, Whatsapp or online.

Search for the Rarest Bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII is on…

Other judging criteria will include the condition of the decanter itself, the cork, transport stopper, coffret and the fleur-de-lys stopper. Entrants should be aware that the bottle might be opened and tasted by the judges in order to verify the authenticity of the contents. If this occurs, the bottle will be re-sealed before being returned to the owner.

Rémy Martin Louis XIII Cognac

And, naturally, there will be a pretty special prize for the owner of the rarest decanter. This will be a visit to the Remy Martin Estate in Cognac, France, and will include two return business class flight tickets, lunch hosted at the Remy Estate, a night’s accommodation and a tasting on Louis XIII with dinner. Five decanters will be shortlisted for the expert committee to judge, before the winner is announced.

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Search for the Rarest Bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII is on…

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