What has Remy Martin, a musician, and polar bears got in common? It’s a subject that’s never far from the news in the 21st century: climate change.

Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years!

Anyone who care about this planet, is a believer in science, and therefore in climate change. The recent launch of the Pharrell Williams/Remy Martin Louis XIII advertising campaign is a remarkable commentary on the world’s political situation right now.

“100 Years”, The song you will never hear

There’s been teasers all over New York City over the last few days, and mysterious hints on both Pharrell’s and Remy Martin’s social media accounts, with the hashtag #IfWeCare. Finally, they announced that Pharrell has locked away his latest song in a vault, to be revealed in the year 2117.

Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years!

A century locked away

100 years is exactly how long it takes to create Remy’s famous Louis XIII Cognac. The eaux-de-vie blended in this extravagant Cognac are aged for decades in the vaults of Remy Martin. Pharrell did the same thing with his song. Remains to be seen how well it aged, IF there is still civilization on earth that is when the song gets released from its vault.

The song is titled “100 years” and it’s all about global warming and the effect the human race is having upon our planet.

Pharrell describes it as, “not a typical call to action piece, which you listen to once and then forget”. He says that it’s “different, sarcastic, and just a little bit angry.”

Pharrell says that when he wrote the song he thought,

Let me just troll all the pseudo-scientists that don’t necessarily care about the ecosystem. There are a lot of great, fine scientists out there, we just happen to have some that agree with our current administration in the States.

Cognac, Louis XIII, and climate change

The world of Cognac certainly is concerned about climate change. After all, if you’re an industry that depends on the weather to create your base product, how could you be anything but? Following one of the worst summers on record in terms of lack of sunshine, this advertising campaign is both highly accurate and very poignant.

Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years!

Respect to the Maison Remy Martin and to Pharrell for this innovative message. This is a topic that truly concerns us, unlike like celebrity parties from the recent Martell H.O.M.E. campaign. It follows in the footsteps of a previous campaign by Remy and Louis XIII in collaboration with the amazing actor John Malkovich.

The song, 100 years, has been stored on a specially created clay record. The clay is made from soil from the vineyards where the grapes that eventually become Louis XIII Cognac begin their story. Only a single copy of the disc has been made, and it was played to 100 exclusive guests before being sealed in a safe to be kept in Remy’s Louis XIII cellars for the next century.

But that’s not it. Because the safe itself is designed to self-destruct if it becomes submerged in water. And with the South West corner of France being so low lying and close to the ocean, if the water levels continue to rise the safe-and therefore the song-will be lost forever. It certainly portrays a sobering message…

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Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years!

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Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years!

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Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years!

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Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years!

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Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years!

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Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years!

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Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years!

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