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The Role of the Cellar Master

What is the role of the Cellar Master? Whether head of the largest of houses or the smallest craft producer, this position is without doubt the most important one when it comes to making outstanding Cognac. Let’s delve into this a little further, because this is not a role that you simply walk into. Indeed, it really is an art that takes years, or even decades, to perfect. The key attributes A cellar master lives by his senses. And by this we...
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Living In A Cognac Barrel?

Apparently living in a barrel is a thing. Well, sort of. It’s certainly fun, a little crazy, and definitely 'made in Cognac'. Photo credit: So, the "BeauEr 3x" is a compact, extendable caravan made in the region of Cognac. And it’s shaped like a barrel. This Cognac barrel may not be fabricated from oak, but it’s a pretty ingenious creation. When in towing mode, it's the same size and width of a small car. But flick a switch, and 20...
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Hennessy VSOP Privilege 200th Anniversary Limited Edition & Cocktail

For anyone who’s been avidly collecting the Hennessy Limited Edition collaborations with some of the most innovative artists in the world, you’re going to get an extra kick out this new release: Hennessy Privilege–a celebration of Hennessy VSOP's 200th Anniversary, a Limited Edition in collaboration with artist Can Büyükberber. Hennessy VSOP Privilege is, in 2018, a massive 200 years old. And this is tantamount to how great a blend it really is. It all came about in March of 1818, when...
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50 Cent’s New Cognac Branson: Is he doing a Jay-Z?

Some months ago we reported about the ‘secret’ visit of uber-cool rapper, 50 Cent, to the Cognac region. He met with the two Tessendier brothers, Jerome and Lilian, in what was apparently the beginning of negotionations of a collaboration for a new Cognac. Read more about 50 Cent's original Cognac visit. On Wednesday 26 April, 50 Cent announced a partnership with Branson Cognac. Of course, being that 50 Cent is an absolute social media fanatic, this announcement wasn’t made in...
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Hardy: The Haute Couture of Cognac

The love affair between the British and France is hardly a secret (perhaps not reciprocated in many respects). But when it comes to the origins of Hardy Cognac, it’s an England–France union truly made in heaven. Discover our Special with HARDY The Beginning Wind the clock back to the mid-1800s, when an English wine & spirits merchant, Anthony Hardy, sold his wares from the UK capital city of London. Of course, as any good businessman should, he liked to get out in...
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