Fans of the “XIII”: Prepare to be wooed once again. Because Remy Martin have announced their latest Cognac offering, Remy Martin Louis XIII Legacy.

Remy Martin Louis XIII The Legacy: A new star is born

This time, a limited edition of only 500 is being created for worldwide sale. Each crystal decanter is presented in a beautifully crafted box made from Italian calfskin leather, and bears a numbered plaque.

Remy Martin Louis XIII The Legacy: A new star is born

But what makes this one even more special is the pictures and signatures of four out of the five Cellar Masters who’ve ever held this illustrious position. And we can’t really expect Remy’s first Cellar Master, Andre Renaud’s, endorsement to be here, seeing as if he were alive today he’d be the grand old age of 134!).

Discover more about Remy Martin’s legendary Louis XIII Cognac. This masterpiece is available on demand directly from Louis XIII by Rémy Martin: [email protected]. And of course, you can also revel in the delights of Remy Martin Cognac without spending thousands. Check out their products here, and have them shipped direct from the heart of Cognac to your door-wherever you might live in the world.

What this delightful limited edition carafe does sport is the autographs of current Cellar Master, Baptiste Loiseau (who was appointed to the illustrious position in 2014), Pierrette Trichet, his predecessor, Andre Giraud, and Georges Clot. Cognac Expert was extremely lucky to be invited to the official party welcoming Baptiste to his new position. Read about our visit to this delightful event held at Domaine de Grollet.

The decanter is in the now infamous design of this world renowned Cognac, with its fleur de lys shaped stopper. And the blend within is made up of around 1,200 eaux-de-vie, and takes around a century to be crafted.

Remy Martin Louis XIII The Legacy: A new star is born

If you fancy owning one of these rare collectible Cognacs, then be prepared to spend around $12,000 (US dollars) for the pleasure. But then, let’s face it… Who ever expects something this sought after to come cheap?  But never fear, because if your pockets aren’t quite that deep, then you could always go for the Remy Martin Louis XIII Time Collection, which will only set you back around half that price!

Read some inspiring quotes through the generations:

The cellar master selecting the eaux-de-vies today will never taste the fruit of his work. From the first to the last moment, you have to work to craft LOUIS XIII; you have to look to the future, ensure the constancy and consistency of its style. All of us, with all our hearts, have spent our time seeking perfection in our craft. (André Giraud)

André Giraud and I spent many years working together, we were very complementary. Thank you, André, for everything you taught me and for sharing your secrets with me… Thank you for passing on this precious legacy. (Georges Clot)

When I completed my very first final blend of LOUIS XIII, I measured the full responsibility in my hands. You find yourself alone with hundreds of eaux-de-vie, it’s a very powerful moment. (Pierrette Trichet)

We feel great humility in our work, the respect that comes with passing the legacy on. My final decision as Cellar Master will be to select the cellar master to succeed me. (Baptiste Loiseau)

Find out more information about Louis XIII Remy Martin The Legend in our online shop.



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Remy Martin Louis XIII The Legacy: A new star is born

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