50 Cent’s New Cognac Branson: Is he doing a Jay-Z?

Some months ago we reported about the ‘secret’ visit of uber-cool rapper, 50 Cent, to the Cognac region. He met with the two Tessendier brothers, Jerome and Lilian, in what was apparently the beginning of negotionations of a collaboration for a new Cognac. Read more about 50 Cent’s original Cognac visit.

On Wednesday 26 April, 50 Cent announced a partnership with Branson Cognac. Of course, being that 50 Cent is an absolute social media fanatic, this announcement wasn’t made in the regular fashion of a press release or via an industry website. instead he went viral thanks to the power of Instagram and YouTube.

He also posted a picture of himself on the snaptastic site surrounded by bottles of Branson Cognac and, bizarrely, a bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII. It was captioned, “What you thought l was doing in France fool. l went to get the work, l got da plug get wit me. BRANSON Brown the finest cognac around. #getthestrap”.

Yep – we didn’t really know what it meant either…

But then, we’re probably not the target market for 50 Cent’s new offering. This is a Cognac that’s going to be aimed at the millenials, the hipsters, the clubbers–in other words, the younger generation.

But the real question we’ve got is this: Who on earth is Branson Cognac? Is it a completely new brand (such as Jay-Z and D’Usse, his collaboration with Bacardi?). Or is it a sub offering from smaller house under a different brand name?

D’Usse, the Cognac from Jay-Z in collaboration with Bacardi

Everything about the Cognac is so far a mystery. Much the same as when D’Usse was released, we don’t know a lot about 50 Cent’s Branson Cognac. We don’t know the quality, the growth region, or the price. But we’ll guess at a VS or VSOP, definitely a unspecified blend, and priced around the same level as D’Usse.

Let’s see how accurate we are when we find out more. We’ll update just as soon as we do.


Sources: mynajalyrics.com, xxlmag.com

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