Disclaimer: As far as we know, there is no 50 Cent cognac (yet). This article simply imagines a 50 Cent cognac. 

It was meant to be a ‘secret’ – but in true rock star tradition, 50 Cent’s recent visit to Cognac was anything but. Because in a world where social media rule, the chances of keeping anything discrete just ain’t gonna happen. Plus, when 50 Cent posts a pic on his Instagram with 14 million followers, you can be pretty sure he wants it to go viral… so we are not disclosing any non-public information here.

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So why did he visit Cognac? Well, listen up everyone, this is big news! Because this uber-famous hip-hop artist met up with Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier (of Tessendier Cognac), to discuss a possible collaboration. Wild!

By the way, if you’d like to purchase one of 50 cent’s potential partners’ Cognacs, we recommend PARK COGNAC (especially the XO)

How 50 Cent’s New Cognac could look like

Jérôme and Lilian are being secretive about this deal in the making. But our expert guess is that they’re scheming a brand new Cognac with 50 Cent as front man. Another Cognac along the lines of D’Usse (the Jay-Z/Bacardi project) and Conjure by Ludacris. Fantastic!

How 50 Cent’s New Cognac could look like

The new 50 Cent Cognac

Just to be clear, there’s nothing official about what the new 50 Cent Cognac will be exactly or look like. These are simply some Cognac Expert predictions.

First off, the Hip Hop Cognac terminology:

G = Gangster = Gangsta
Brown = Cognac
Yak = Cognac

Is 50 Cent a VS, VSOP, or an XO Man?

The guy is, we have to say, a shrewd businessman. He’s collaborated with Effen Vodka for some years now. This has just hit the headlines yet again following his Instagram post that appeared to say that he’d just sold his shares for a cool $60 million bucks (something that brand owners, Beam Suntory, were quick to deny).

We think that the new 50 Cent Cognac will launch with one single product. Perhaps it will be attached to Cognac Park, one of Tessendier’s brands, which is doing extremely well in the US. It’s not going to be a VS, because this is a crowded market when it comes to the big players. This leaves the option of a VSOP, or an XO. An XO is a extra old quality Cognac and might be on the expensive side when it comes to reaching the largest possible crowd. SO our guess is that it’s going to be a VSOP–it’s SOOO going to be a VSOP (after all, it worked for D’Usse). BUT they’re not going to market it in the traditional way, the design will even feature the age category on the label. Tessendier will come up with a way to position 50 Cent as a Cognac connoisseur but in an innovative way. “It’s a VSOP, this G don’t drink any old Brown…” Great for story telling. It won’t be a Grande Champagne Cognac–or even be terroir specific. The whole ethos of the 50 Cent brown liquor is going to be that it’s super-cool to drink. The target market is going to be his millions of fans.

How 50 Cent’s New Cognac could look like

For anyone out there who’s shuddering at the thought–suck it up. Cognac is no longer simply a stuffy old man’s drink. It shrugged off that image years ago. There still is, and always will be, plenty of the very mature, top shelf quality Cognac for the traditionalist.

But bringing the delights of good Cognac to a younger age group can only be a good thing. Once the first 50 Cent Brown gains in popularity, you can bet your bottom dollar that an XO version will quickly follow.

The price of the 50 Cent Yak

We’re going to guestimate the retail price at around $30 – $40 a bottle. Somewhat low-mid range for such a quality, and around the same point as the Ludacris Conjure, but lower than Jay-Z’s D’Usse.

How could a 50 Cent Cognac bottle look like? 

Now for the fun part! We’ve got some massive ideas (Hey, 50 Cent – give us a call!).

#1: G Cognac  Because ultimately, everyone has a little bit of G, Gansta, in them… But maybe that’s a bit obvious, and not ‘French’ enough? But the G could also be taken from his G-Unit (Guerilla Unit) hip-hop group. So maybe he’ll use the ‘Unit’ in the name. Add an E to the end (with an accent, of course) and you get Unité. A perfect name that could be used to conjure up the image of the uniting the different eaux-de-vie within the blend.

#2: 50 Cognac  Or better still, simply 50. Maybe a little obvious, but come on–there’s nothing subtle about this boy… And if there were 50 different eaux-de-vie in the blend, even better. This would give a great lead into the ’50 Cent is a Cognac connoisseur’ advertising angle.

#3: Lion Cognac or Tiger Cognac  Because 50 Cent luuuurves these wild animals, and it’s used on a load of his merchandising. The pouncing panther works for Meukow, after all.

So, what are your thoughts on the new 50 Cent / Tessendier Cognac? Good idea? Bad Idea? Would you buy it? Or do you think the trend of rappers pimping drink brands is simply wrong? Comments below please – we love hearing your views.

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Sources: sudouest.fr, charentelibre.fr, cognac-tessendier.com. Used image of 50 cent public domain via wikipedia.
Images: From Instagram accounts, Wikipedia, Free stock photos 

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How 50 Cent’s New Cognac could look like

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    La Grande Mason Jr

    Fitē Cognac
    Cinquante (pronounced sank ont, 50 in frenchl) Cognac

  2. Avatar
    La Grande Mason Jr

    I think the concept is brilliant. And it should help up brand the cognac industry. Curtis is a brilliant business man. I see a bright future in the spirit (liquor) industry, to augment the vodka or champagne segments Hip Hop artists have invested in. And buy the way, the bottle should be in the shape of a coin, or reasonable facsimile there of.should be apparent. The price of 30-50 dollars is ideal. Especially since the millenials will spend over $100 for champagne or $200 in bottle service at the club.

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    Max (Cognac-Expert.com)

    Thanks for your comment, those are awesome ideas! Love the idea with the coin shape!

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