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Harvest is over in Cognac: A complicated Year

Harvesting grapes to make Cognac surely can't be rocket science. You simply wait for the grapes to reach their optimum level, then get out there and pick them? Nothing could be further from the truth. Ensuring that hundreds (or thousands) of hectares of vines are harvested at exactly the right time–let alone being able to check all the individual parcels of vineyards–is something that requires an expert eye, in-depth knowledge, and the odd prayer to the weather gods! Harvesting grapes is...
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The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

After having skipped a year, the "La Part des Anges" auction is back with an amazing line up of cognacs on offer. The 10th edition of the charity gala dinner will take place on September 22nd, 2016. A total of 24 carafes and blends (most of them unique) have been donated by various cognac houses to be sold at the charity auction. The event is organized by the Interprofession du Cognac (the National Cognac Board), the BNIC. We've been there...
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French Vodka export higher than Cognac

Can you believe it?! For the first time in history, Vodka produced in France is proving a more popular export than Cognac. A reason to investigate... For more years than we can remember, Cognac has been the most exported French spirit (in terms of volume). But recent figures released by the Federation of Wine and Spirits Exporters (FEVS) have shown that in 2014, Vodka has in fact made the running. There are many vodkas produced in France. The best known one being Grey Goose Vodka,...
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Chinese Cognac Market Finally Recovering?

It’s been a long haul for the Cognac industry, with the golden child of China literally being cut off in its prime with the Government austerity measures. Remy Martin, in particular, really did get their fingers burned in this sorry process. But it appears that there may be a little chink of light appearing at the end of the tunnel. Third quarter sales results issued by the BNIC, covering the period from August to December 2014, are indicating signs of...
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Part des Anges 2014: a record breaking year

Thursday, 18 September saw the 9th consecutive annual charity auction, La Part des Anges, take place in Bassac Abbey, Cognac. As ever, the event saw the great and good of the cognac industry come together for an evening of fun and generosity, all in the name charity.  All the proceeds from this year’s event are going to the charity, Children in Crisis. Each year, various cognac houses donate collectable bottles of Cognac to be auctioned to aficionados and collectors alike....
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