Who out there is desperate to learn more about that smooth, elegant, pure, pale, delicious Hennessy Pure White? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. And rest assured, you’re not alone!

Because when it comes to buying “Henny White”, one of the most sought after Cognacs, and for some of the best cognac there is, of the moment, it seems that virtually everyone who’s fallen in love with its delicate taste simply can’t manage to buy it. Anywhere!

So, here’s the situation: Pure White by Hennessy is available only at the Hennessy headquarters in Cognac, France, and–as random as this may sound–in the Caribbean. Most people pick it up whilst vacationing in Barbados in the Bahamas.
Hennessy Pure White

The bottom line is that Pure White Hennessy Cognac isn’t available or sold in the United States. Some of you have informed us that they’ve spotted it on the odd occasion in a few New York liquor stores.

And, because it’s so sought after and rarely seen, these prices tend to be hugely inflated. But apart from these rare situations, you simply won’t find it anywhere in the USA, because sadly, Hennessy Pure White has never really been marketed in the US (it was tested as far as we know).

Hennessy Pure White clearly has such a huge fan base. It would make total sense for the Cognac giant to sell “HPW” to the massive North American audience.

And for many reasons. This Hennessy liquor is super easy to drink, versatile enough to be enjoyed, neat, over ice, or in a cocktail, and appeals to both male and female Cognac lovers. And, being as its looks are sub-zero when it comes to the ‘cool’ stakes, it’s the perfect Hennessy small bottle for anyone for whom style is important (and that’s most of us, right?).

Music fans adore it, as does anyone who loves a smooth tasting, easy drinking Cognac that’s presented in an extra special bottle. UPDATE: The bottle got a redesign. And as those of you who’ve already been won over by its charms are well aware of, not many manage to make their blend as smooth as Hennessy does.

The only sticking point we have is how super-popular HPW is. Because Hennessy Cognac is very particular about how much Hennessy Pure White they sell, and where they sell it to.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our Cognac review and some background info about this much-desired Cognac.

How does “Hennessy White” taste?

Hennessy White taste

Hennessy White has a personality of its own and is presented in a 70cl glass bottle that is unique for this dark liquor. 
The following are our personal tasting notes.

Eye: Light honey, radiant yellow glow.

Nose: Sensual flowery aromas, very gentle.

Taste: Fresh fruity hints and subtle flowery notes. Hennessy Pure White has a very delicate taste, with delightful complexities unfolding in the finish.

Finish: Extremely smooth in the mouth and throat. This Cognac will not give you a burning feeling at all. The finish is very long but light at the same time, unfolding a wonderful range of aromas.

Blend: The eaux-de-vie used to create the delcious HPW blend come from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the Borderies, and Fins Bois growth areas. As with all Cognac, Hennessy Pure White is double-distilled wine that’s then aged in French oak barrels, then blended, and finally bottled.

Age: HPW boasts a large amount of different eaux-de-vie. Their ages range between 2 and 50 years, so it’s difficult to define the product within a single age category. We would class it between a VS and a VSOP quality Cognac.

Price information: Usually this bottle can be bought in the Bahamas or in Cognac at around $40 to $50 which makes it a cheap liquor.

As we’ve already said, it’s rare (or basically impossible) to find it in the US. And if you do find a bottle, then it’s likely to be at a high price. Similarly, people have informed us that the odd bottle comes up for sale at auction. But once again, these rarities tend to end up being sold for a premium–just because it’s so difficult to find.
Another Cognac that might be of interest, if you like the “White Hennessy”, is Hennessy Black. Check out our review of Hennessy Black here.

Buy Hennessy Pure White Cognac

So some of you may find it difficult to find Hennessy Pure White. You can’t even find it most of the time at Hennessy nearby. 

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And if you are confused between black and white (Hennessy, that is), read the article about Hennessy Blackwe think you’ll find it really informative. But we digress… So let’s get back to our original discussion about the delight that is Hennessy Pure White.

Hennessy White label


Hennessy Pure White comes from the world’s leading Cognac house. Hennessy is the largest house in terms of both volume and value of annual sales. And in line with the Cognac’s alcohol level of ABV 40%, the house of Hennessy also controls about 40% of the worldwide Cognac market. In the world of spirits – it certainly is one of the giants.

The white “Henny” is a contemporary product. And this includes both the design of the bottle and the spirit itself. It’s a very versatile Cognac that’s intended to be either drunk neat or used as an ingredient for cocktails and long drinks. It’s also great over ice. And here’s an insider snippet of information; apparently it’s a “difficult Cognac to create”. As far as we know, the reason why Hennessy Pure White is that smooth is that old barrels are being used (so they do not impact color and taste as much as other, heavier Cognacs) to create a light, floral and smooth Cognac. 

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The marketing behind Hennessy Pure White is a little confusing, also interesting that exclusive distribution is limited to the Caribbean only. Whatever it is, can you think of anything more decadent than wandering along perfect white sands, with palm trees gently fluttering in the warm breeze, and a “Henny” Pure White over ice cradled in your hand? If that’s not paradise, then we’re not sure what is.

Pure White Pic: Pictr-30D

And if you’re wondering if “Henny White” is called “white” and “pure” because it’s produced with white wine or white grapes? The answer to that is, no. Hennessy Pure White is simply a particular blend of the eaux-de-vie made in the Cognac region, Charente. And all Cognacs are made from white grapes, and therefore white wine. Cognac is produced from three particular different types of grapes. Discover more about these particular grape varieties.


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