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The 6 Crus of Cognac: Growth Area and Region

The Cognac region consists of six vineyard growth areas, called 'Crus', or 'terroir'. The grapes used for Cognac brandy must always come from this French region. The area covers the Charente-Maritime, a large part of the Charente, and some smaller parts of Deux-Sèvres and the famous Dordogne. The "Origine Controlée Cognac" (AOC) Cognac is an Appellation that totals about 79,000 hectares of vineyards (that's 790 million square meters). The wine region of Cognac is the second biggest of France, right...
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NEW & EXCLUSIVE: Hennessy XO Exclusive Edition by Marc Newson

Hennessy's latest Cognac Exclusive Edition just landed in our online shop: A worldwide online exclusive available here, at Buy Hennessy XO Exclusive Edition by Marc Newson. We'll start shipping on May 19th, order today. We would assume this is part of Hennessy's XO Exclusive Collection (there were many, check out all Hennessy editions). This should be Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection 10, the 2017 edition. As you may know, those limited editions by Hennessy are sold out pretty quickly. We absolutely love Newson's work...
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Student Job: Native English speaker with excellent writing skills. Be part of our small editorial team!

Student Job: Native English speaker with excellent writing skills. You’ll be part of a blog and online shop for Cognac.  We’re looking for a person who can support our blog and online shop with writing, proofing. Your tasks would include: - Being part of our small editorial team to discuss ideas and plan blog articles and newsletters - Writing blog articles about Cognac based on news and info we provide (you can of course get creative, too)    Requirements: - You’re a native english speaker,...
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Cognac Expo 2016 in Bergen, Norway

By Michelle Brachet What a truly amazing experience. This was my first visit to Bergen in Norway and the hospitality of everyone I met over the weekend was quite overwhelming. Not only is Bergen the most beautiful city on the water (apparently we were very lucky and blessed with blue skies and sunshine), but also the people of Bergen were warm and welcoming. Organised by Kjetil Hansen and Nils Henriksen, this was the 5th year for Cognac Expo and what an...
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The Smoothest Cognacs

Far smoother than the new President Elect Trump, we've put together a dynamic list of Cognacs that we've tried and found to be rather smooth. If we've missed out a favorite of yours, let us know in the comments below. So, what do we mean when we talk about a 'smooth' cognac. Well, although it's a rather ambiguous term, in our opinion a cognac can be considered smooth in it's own particular way. In other words, a cognac is smooth...
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