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Cognac Expo 2016 in Bergen, Norway

By Michelle Brachet What a truly amazing experience. This was my first visit to Bergen in Norway and the hospitality of everyone I met over the weekend was quite overwhelming. Not only is Bergen the most beautiful city on the water (apparently we were very lucky and blessed with blue skies and sunshine), but also the people of Bergen were warm and welcoming. Organised by Kjetil Hansen and Nils Henriksen, this was the 5th year for Cognac Expo and what an...
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The Smoothest Cognacs

Far smoother than the new President Elect Trump, we've put together a dynamic list of Cognacs that we've tried and found to be rather smooth. If we've missed out a favorite of yours, let us know in the comments below. So, what do we mean when we talk about a 'smooth' cognac. Well, although it's a rather ambiguous term, in our opinion a cognac can be considered smooth in it's own particular way. In other words, a cognac is smooth...
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Best Hors d’Age Cognac for 2016 under $350: Family Tasting

After having selected our top 10 XO Cognacs in 2016, we now focus on the Top 10 Hors d'Age Cognacs you should discover. While the definition of XO is "Extra Old" Cognac, and the youngest part of the cognac is at least 10 years old, it's not quite as simple when it comes to Hors d'age. Hors d'Age is literally translated to "Beyond Age", suggesting that the Cognac is really, really old. We tasted a selection Hors d'Age Cognacs during a private family tasting,...
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Martell’s New Blue Swift Cognac VSOP aged in Bourbon Casks is an Eau-de-vie de Vin (Video)

+++ Exclusive! We're probably the first to cover this, worldwide. +++ Go to the product page on Cognac-Expert and sign up for our availability alert, here: Martell Blue Swift. By Max  As we reported some time ago, Martell has been working on "Blue Swift" - and here it is! The somewhat long, full name of the product is: Martell Blue Swift Cognac VSOP Finished In Bourbon Casks Eau de Vie de Vin Wow. I think that's a pretty smart product move and it will help...
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Tattoo icon Scott Campbell designs Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition bottle

Hennessy released a new limited edition in the tradition of the houses' artist series. The Hennessy Very Special bottle is designed by Tattoo icon Scott Campbell. Buy Campbell's Hennessy Edition in our online store. Previous Hennessy editions featured artists Os Gemeos, Ryan McGinness, Futura X, Shepard Fairey.   Louisiana-born Scott Campbell (here is his Instagram) is known throughout the world as being one of the most talented hands in the world of tattooing. After abandoning a career as a biochemist at the University of Texas, he fled to San...
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