Well then… This is sure to cause some excitement, as we know all too well that Hennessy Pure White is the “virtually-impossible-to-get-your-hands-on favorite” for so many. Is this the end of HPW in its instantly recognizable bottle? What on earth can be the reason to ditch the Pure White packaging and re-launch in the VS and VSOP-shaped classic?

Hennessy Pure White: Launch of a New Special Edition
A new launch of Hennessy Pure White—now in a Hennessy VS style bottle

Ok, so first off we need to let you know that this seemingly special edition has apparently only gone on sale in the Dominican Republic and The Bahamas. So unless you’re planning a trip (or know someone who is), then it’s not likely to grace your liquor collection any time soon. But it’s mighty interesting to see the re-packaging, and we’ve got a few ideas behind why the Cognac giant might be performing a U-turn on what a member of the famed Hennessy tasting committee told us is a notoriously difficult Cognac to produce.

Is the Cognac giant trying to bring HPW back in line with their other products?

Because, we have to say, Hennessy Pure White is way out of the normal comfort zone of everything else in the Henny stable. While Instagram reactions are varying in how much they like this presentation over the original, the over-riding trend is still, “Where can I buy Hennessy Pure White?” and “I preferred the old bottle.”

Hennessy Pure White: Launch of a New Special Edition
What do you think of the new HPW packaging?

In our humble opinion, bringing HPW back in line with the rest of the brand profile would be a really smart move. While this iteration seems to be a tentative test, we’re going to stick out neck out and say that the No 1 brand will drop the old bottle design and bring Henny White back to a more recognizable presentation—one that’s got far more in common with the rest of their line. After all, they’ve got an industry-leading model, so why deviate from it?

So that leads us to the question that we’re sure is on everybody’s lips…

Will Hennessy Pure White eventually be available within the US?

Now, we know that there’s a lot of people out there who’d love for this to be a fact. So let’s consider what such a monumental move might bring.

Sure, it’d be an instant hit. But remember that we said how difficult it is to produce? If it went on sale throughout the US it’d be sure to eat into the sales of their massively popular Hennessy VS and Hennessy VSOP. Perhaps that’s what the intention might be but, to be honest, we really don’t think so.

Hennessy Pure White: Launch of a New Special Edition
Hennessy’s advertising campaign for the new-look Hennessy Pure White

Our prediction is going to be that, they will ditch the original contemporary bottle in which HPW was first produced and move to a more typical Hennessy design. But we can’t see sales of the sought after Cognac being rolled out in the US. But hey—we’ve been wrong before.

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Image credits thanks to the guy who has to be one of, if not THE, biggest fan of all things Hennessy, Don Henny. Follow him on Instagram and check out our article that showcases his incredible collection, Don Henny: 600 Bottles of Hennessy Cognac and a Great Video.

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Hennessy Pure White: Launch of a New Special Edition

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