Hennessy White aka “Pure White”: Bottle Review

Who out there is desperate to get their hands on that smooth, elegant, pure, pale, delicious Hennessy Pure White? You’ve come to the right place. And rest assured, you’re not alone! Here’s the situation: Pure White by Hennessy is available only at the Hennessy headquarters in Cognac, France, and–as random as this may sound–in the Caribbean. Most people pick it up inBarbados in the Bahamas.

The bottomline is that Pure White Hennessy Cognac isn’t available or sold in the United States. It has been spotted on the odd occasion in a few New York liquor stores, but apart from that, you won’t find it. Sadly, Hennessy Pure White was never really marketed in the US. We never really understood why, seen that it has such a huge fan base here. It makes total sense, it’s the perfect bottle for music fans, those of you who love a smooth tasting Cognac and are looking for that extra special bottle. Not many manage to make their blend as smooth as Hennessy does.

Cognac-Expert delivers your beloved Hennessy Pure White directly from France to your doorstep. Yes, you heard right! Thanks to our unique relationship with the lovely people at Hennessy, we delivered Pure White all around the globe. Even if you live in the US. But things are sometimes a little complicated when it comes to the highly popular HPW. Hennessy are very particular about how much Pure White they sell, and where to. So we’ll have periods where Hennessy Pure White is out of stock. We are always optimistic that we’ll have it back in stock soon.

Let’s take a look at our Cognac review and some background info about this much desired Cognac.

How does Hennessy White taste?

Hennessy White taste

Hennessy White has a personality of its own, and is presented in a 70cl glass bottle. Here are some tasting notes:

Eye: Light honey, radiant yellow glow
Nose: Sensual flowery aromas, very gentle
Taste: Fresh fruity hints and subtle flowery notes–Hennessy Pure White has a very delicate taste, its complexities unfold in the finish.
Finish: Extremely smooth in the mouth and throat, this Cognac will not give you a burning feeling at all. The finish is very long but light at the same time, unfolding a wonderful range of aromas.
Blend: The eaux-de-vie that create the HPW blend stem from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the Borderies, and Fins Bois growth areas (as all Cognac, Hennessy Pure White is double-distilled wine which is then aged in oak barrels, then blended, and finally bottled)
Age: HPW boasts a large amount of different eaux-de-vie. Their ages range between 2 and 50 years, so it’s difficult to say which age category it is. We would class it between a VS and a VSOP quality Cognac.
Price: Around $100 and more. We looked at a lot of different asking prices in the US and the average cost is at least $100 + shipping.

Read more about the product, and sign up for an alert in case HPW is out of stock, at Hennessy Pure White.

So, as we’ve already said, it’s rare to find it in the US.  Sometimes you might find bottles at an auction, but these tend to end up being sold for a premium–just because it’s so difficult to find.

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Buy Hennessy Pure White Cognac

So if you’re finding it difficult to find Hennessy White, then head to our Cognac-Expert Shop to place an order and have it shipped directly to your door.  We’re experts at shipping Cognac to the US, and we take care of every part of this complicated process.

Wait, first I want to learn more about Cognac!

OK, so you want to discover more about Cognac, the great french brandy?  Well, you’re in the right place, because Cognac-Expert.com is the number 1 online resource for everything to do with Cognac.

From our easy to understand introduction to Cognac – What is Cognac – an introduction, through to topics such as  How to drink Cognac or How to taste Cognac (because there is s difference between the two, you know), we have all the information you need to start your discovery into the world of Cognac.  There’a also a section with many general articles about Cogna, such as What is Cognac? and all about the different age grades you can find.

And if you confused between black and white (Hennessy, that is), read the article about Hennessy Black.  Anyway… let’s get back to our original discussion about Hennessy Pure White.

Hennessy White label

Hennessy White comes from the world’s leading Cognac house. And in line with the Cognac’s alcohol level of ABV 40%, the house of Hennessy also controls about 40% of the worldwide Cognac market.  In the spirit world – it’s one of the giants!

The white “Henny” is a contemporary product. And this is both the design of the bottle and the spirit itself. It’s designed to be either drunk neat, or to use as an ingredient for cocktails and long drinks. And here’s an insider snippet of information; apparently it’s a difficult Cognac to create. A member of the hallowed Hennessy tasting committee confided in us that Hennessy White, “is a pain” to create…

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The marketing behind Hennessy Pure White is a little confusing.  There must be a reason for the exclusive distribution in the Caribbean, perhaps because the Caribbean is associated with the color white (think of the Raffaelo commercial, coconut, white beaches etc.)

Pure White Pic: Pictr-30D

And if you’re wondering if it’s called “white” and “pure” because it’s produced with white wine or white grapes?  The answer to that is, no, Hennessy Pure White is simply a particular blend of the eaux-de-vie made in the Cognac region Charente. Most Cognacs are produced from three different types of grape.  Discover more about these particular grape varieties.

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  1. Don St. Gelais July 25, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    Located in southern NH. Forgot to mention

  2. Frankie andrews September 6, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    I need to buy some white Hennessy for my husband Brithday

  3. Gus Nouel July 11, 2017 at 3:02 am

    I have three bottles available if you are interested – Tampa, FL. Will ship to US only.

  4. Richard Mefford March 12, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    I’m trying to see about getting a bottle or two of Hennessey pure white, but having no luck! Any one know where I’m able to buy this at?

  5. Ms. Denise May 15, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    Mr. Mefford,
    Are you still interested in purchasing a bottle? I have one bottle left.

  6. Amir Dasani May 21, 2018 at 2:37 am

    Trying to find out around what year was HPW made???

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