The house of Bache Gabrielsen is certainly no stranger to innovation. You only need look to their American Oak and, more recently, the first Aquavit ever produced in the Cognac region. But, we have to say, they really have raised the bar with the launch of the Bache Gabrielsen PRIVATE cognac CASK.

Your Own Private Cask & 1988 Vintage by Bache Gabrielsen
Bache Gabrielsen offer the unique opportunity to own your very own barrel with the PRIVATE cognac CASK

Yes, it really is a whole cask of Cognac. But more than that, it’s an eau-de-vie of your very own choosing, along with the guidance and expertise of cellar master, Jean-Phillip Bergier.

Walk in the footsteps of 110 years of expertise

This unique offer allows Cognac lovers of all levels to get their own personal, behind the scenes invitation to a world that’s normally reserved only for those responsible for the creation of Cognac. The house of Bache Gabrielsen has more than 110 years of history, and despite its global appeal remains a true artisan house. By taking advantage of the PRIVATE cognac CASK experience, you get to live and breathe the very heart of Cognac creation. If there was ever a way to become a real part of Cognac history, then this has to be it.

Your Own Private Cask & 1988 Vintage by Bache Gabrielsen
President Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen is the master at innovation and the introduction of new concepts, such as that of the PRIVATE cognac CASK

Learn the real secrets behind the skill of the cellar master

For most of us, getting a genuine insight into the secret world of Cognac simply isn’t possible. Each house guards its art with ferocity, as well they should. It’s these methods and traditions that make each brand unique, and this classified information is handed down from father to son, mother to daughter. This is what makes the purchase of the PRIVATE cognac CASK so very special; you get the incredible experience of working with the cellar master and learning the mysterious methods that turn distilled eau-de-vie into a delicious bottle of Cognac.

Or, in the case of PRIVATE cognac CASK, multiple bottles of your very own Cognac.

How does it work?

You’ll work with the assistance of Jean-Phillipe Bergier, the Bache Gabrielsen cellar master—AKA, the “flavor hunter”.

Step 1: The selection of the eau-de-vie

Under the watchful eye of Jean-Phillipe and his skill and expertise, you get to pick the eau-de-vie of your choice. This could be from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, or Fins Bois.

Your Own Private Cask & 1988 Vintage by Bache Gabrielsen
Select your choice of eau-de-vie from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, or Fins Bois

Step 2: Maturation

The length of this is determined in part by the individual eau-de-vie, and in part by the cru from which it hails. For instance, a Fins Bois Cognac matures more quickly, around two years is usual. These tend to be fruity and full bodied, and would be a good choice for anyone who just can’t wait too long to be able to taste their own Cognac

Those from Petite Champagne take a little longer. Expect this to take approximately four years or so for the Cognac to fully develop. The soils of this terroir produce a round, vigorous, floral eau-de-vie, full of personality.

And then there’s Grande Champagne—the premier cru. Here the chalky soils produce eau-de-vie that takes the longest to perfectly mature. In this case you’ll be waiting at least six years. But it’ll be worth it. Eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne is supple, powerful, floral, and elegant. With, as you’d expect, a beautiful, long, and satisfying finish.

Your Own Private Cask & 1988 Vintage by Bache Gabrielsen

If you think these maturation times seem a little, well, short, then you’d be correct. But there’s a very good reason for this. It’s all to do with the barrels, or casks, being used. They hold only 30 liters, and have already contained Bache Gabrielsen XO Fine Champagne Cognac. Because they’re smaller, the maturation process is faster thanks to the increased surface area contact of the wood with the liquid. This makes it possible for the eau-de-vie to reach full complexity within just a few years.

And of course, as owner of the cask you’ll be invited to visit the cellars of Bache Gabrielsen for a tasting each year. Or if it’s not convenient to visit, receive a sample at home.

Step 3: Personalised bottling

Once the Cognac has aged to the perfect point, the contents of your PRIVATE cognac CASK will be bottled. You, of course, will attend (at a time coordinated between yourself and Bache Gabrielsen). The contents of your cask will become a unique collection of bottles with personalized labels. Being as the barrel is of a 30 liter size, expect your bespoke vintage to be in the region of 50 – 60 bottles in total.

We have to say, this is a bold challenge for Bache Gabrielsen—something that’s never been done before. And you’re probably now wondering how much it costs. Well, as with everything to do with Cognac, that depends on your choice, both of the eau-de-vie itself and the cru which it comes from. We’re told that the total price will be between 60 – 110 euro per bottle. And when you think about it, that’s a pretty fair price to own a whole cask, plus to partake in the whole Cognac making process. After all, when it comes to being privy to the very secret traditions of an esteemed house such as Bache Gabrielsen, it certainly is a rather a priceless experience.

Would you like your very own PRIVATE cognac CASK from Bache Gabrielsen? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with all the information you need.

Bache Gabrielsen 1988 Vintage Fins Bois Cognac

And as if the PRIVATE cognac CASK wasn’t exiting enough, the house has just revealed a brand new limited edition, the Bache Gabrielsen 1988 Vintage Fins Bois.

Your Own Private Cask & 1988 Vintage by Bache Gabrielsen
Bache Gabrielsen 1988 Vintage Fins Bois

Only 250 bottles have been created, and they’re being sold through DFS and The Family Brand Alliance. Bache Gabrielsen joined the alliance in 2018, a group specifically designed to support medium sized family owned companies to showcase their products through travel retail.

As its name suggests, this is a Cognac from the increasingly sought after Fins Bois terroir, and has been gently aging for over 25 years. Now, cellar master, Jean-Phillipe Bergier, deems it at the perfect point to be enjoyed. 

Presented in a beautifully simplistic bottle and wooden presentation case, this one is sure to be sought after by collectors.


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Your Own Private Cask & 1988 Vintage by Bache Gabrielsen

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