We’ve evolved dramatically since our inception in 2010. With a passion to bring Cognac information and education to a global audience, our journey began with a simple blog. We were one of the first platforms to hit the virtual airwaves—and did so at a time when only a handful of producers had embraced the fledgling wonders of the online world.

 Today, as well as offering a huge range of bottles from producers across the region, our Cognac Expert blog is published in English, German, and Japanese. We’re delighted to bring all things Cognac to countries across the planet, discovering the nuances of Cognac appreciation in different areas of the world. 

 We’re also well aware that our audience is dynamic. This means that, as with any specialist subject, fashions flex and change with time. That’s why our blogs are regularly updated and improved. Our wonderful communications with our loyal followers gives us a great insight into what subjects you want to read about. 

 So, with this in mind and without further ado, we present you with the Top 12 Reads on the Cognac Expert Blog.

Keep it in the Family

 An XO Family Tasting – 21 Cognacs blindly tasted

Cognac Expert Blog header of XO Family Tasting 2022

 Join the Cognac Expert team in their recent family tasting session where we sampled 21 Cognacs. But this was no ordinary tasting, oh no. This was carried out completely blind and allowed us to create a true favorite top 10.

 It was truly a voyage of discovery, with one surprising highlight being that of a rather incredible new kid on the block—the Lembert XO.

Head over to the 2022 XO Family Tasting to find out who the family’s number 1 is.  

Smoothly Does It

The Ultimate List of Smooth Cognacs

Cognac Expert Blog header Ultimate list of smooth cognacs blog post

“Smooth” is a word often used by Cognac aficionados or, indeed, by those who enjoy other spirits or liquor. But what does this actually mean? While those with many years of Cognac enjoyment may have a good understanding of the term, those with less experience can understandingly find the term somewhat ambiguous.

But never fear, because our article is written specifically to not only explain the meaning but to provide you with a great list of smooth Cognacs to try. From the De Luze XO to the Vallein Tercinier XO Vieille Réserve and Marancheville XO, prepare to expand your knowledge and include some great additions to your Cognac wish list.

Head over to the ultimate list of smooth cognacs by clicking here.

Alternative that leads to Cognac

 Cognac Malternative

Cognac Expert Blog header Cognac Malternative Blog Post

 Loving Cognac certainly doesn’t mean that you should forgo all other spirit offerings. For example, we know that many of our readers enjoy a whisk(e)y, either now and again, or perhaps it’s their go-to drink. But with an ever-increasing spectrum within the world of Cognac, we’ve put together an article that discusses offerings that whisk(e)y drinkers might want to sample as a quality alternative to a single malt.

 Of course, we also get input from whisk(e)y experts—Angus McRaild and John Go helped us with this article. We’ve put everything together in an informative blog with a list of great Cognacs that you might want to sample as a contrast to your favorite whisk(e)y.

Check out the expert’s Cognac Malternatives.

Cognac Review

 My father’s cellar – Laurichsse’s treasure trove

Cognac Expert Blog header Laurichesse review

 An in-depth review behind a wonderful range of craft Cognacs from a unique father-son producer relationship. In addition to the information about each of the single barrel, Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie bottles sampled, this is a wonderful educational piece about how to approach a tasting session.

 Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine Cognacs or newer to the joys of the drink, this article provides a ton of information that will fascinate and educate.

Education on the Cognac Expert Blog

 Age Statement in Cognac: it’s about time

Cognac Expert Blog header Ages Statement Blog Post

 This long read demystifies much of the concept of Cognac aging.  Discover the indexing system known as the Compte d’Age that offers a consistent manner to monitor and control age. Then delve into the often-confusing, yet traditional, age designations of VS, VSOP, XO, etc., this wonderful exploration into the long, slow road to eaux-de-vie is one to be revisited again and again as your knowledge increases.

Learn more about cognac age designation here.

Cognac Expert News

 L’ESSENTIEL: A Tale of 2 Seasons

Cognac Expert Blog header for L'ESSENTIEL Season 2 blog post

 Born during the height of the pandemic, our highly-revered L’ESSENTIEL series still has its roots firmly in the small-batch, high quality, craft production with the tagline of slow down, reflect, and reunite. 

 Such a philosophy embodies everything we adore about artisan production. However, L’ESSENTIEL is evolving into something even more spectacular. This article discusses the key changes and—crucially—reveals the launch of Series 2 and the delightful offering in collaboration with Grosperrin Cognac, complete with tasting notes.

Find out about the transition of L’Essentiel Season 2 on our blog post.

From the Community

 5 Insights from our Cognac Lovers group

Discover the Top 12 Cognac Reads | Cognac Expert Blog

 The wonders of social media are showcased in our wonderful Facebook group, Cognac Lovers. This is THE place for communicating with like-minded people across the globe, with a diverse and friendly membership where you can safely discuss anything about our beloved Cognac.

Discover our members, the many reasons to join, and some of the best posts that we’ve highlighted. Some make us laugh, others teach us something, and yet more just make us go wow! 

 If you’re not a member yet, then perusing this insights article will have you rushing to join the action.

Behind the Scenes

Making of Sophie & Max Sélection No2 Limited Edition Cognac

Cognac Expert Blog header Max & Sophie Selection making of No 2 Blog post

We reveal the wonderful journey into the making of Sophie & Max Sélection No2 with Birius Cognac. This is a privileged look behind the scenes at the work that goes into bringing a blend of distinction to market. 

Discover the brilliance of the team at Birius and why we felt the house was such a wonderful fit for our aims and values.

Don’t forget—number 3 in this highly regarded series is already well beyond the planning stage, and we can’t wait to spill the beans when the time comes. Sign up here to be alerted when the next Sophie & Max Sélection Edition will be available.

On the Light-Hearted Side

 8 Highly Original Cognac Ads

Cognac Expert Blog header  HIghly original ads Blog post

Cognac is all about enjoyment. Join us in this fun journey through some of the creative and more eccentric adverts that have been used to promote this iconic drink over the years. From Cognac Monnet’s 20s flapper girl to Audouin’s tipsy-looking cherub on a donkey, one can only wonder at the reasoning behind some of the illustrations.

Find the illustrations all while reading about them in this blog post.  

A Mathematical Approach

24 Cognacs: Analyzed, Recorded & Rated

Header Joe Binney Blog Post

One of the things we love so much about Cognac is there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy and rate what you taste. We were surprised and delighted when one of our loyal followers, Joe Binney, presented us with this awesome method of rating the Cognacs from our 2020 Cognac Expert Calendar.

We were so impressed that it, naturally, warranted sharing. Discover all in this article that correlates all of the Cognacs in a unique and highly useful manner.

Customers’ Voices

Cognac Reviews 101 & 4 Top Cognac Reviewers

Cognac reviews on Cognac Expert

Reviews are something many of us contribute to and rely on when making purchases. The Cognac Expert review platform has become a valuable tool for both connoisseurs and beginners alike. 

We also think it’s vital to put some context behind some of the reviews that are published on our platform. We’ve had direct input from some of our top reviewers that you can read, and introduce Jim Pearson, Morten Viskoy, John Stumbler, and Tony Menechella who all talk about their best-rated Cognacs.

Discover everything you need to know about reading and leaving a review, plus discover our best-reviewed and most reviewed Cognacs.

Brand Insights

 Vallein Tercinier Cognac: An intimate history

Cognac Expert Blog header Vallein Tercinier Interview Blog Post

 If you’ve ever wanted to delve deep into the psyche of a Cognac house, then this is a must-read. This is a no-holds-barred dive into the history of one of the finest artisan houses in the region, showcasing a one-to-one interview between Max and the head of the house of Vallein Tercinier, Catherine Roudier-Tercinier.

 In this frank exchange, we traverse the years from the late 1700s, through two world conflicts, the difficulties of the mid-20th century, to today. Eye-opening, raw, and—at times—upsetting, it provides a true insight into the commitment of those behind the brand and some of the heartbreaking truths about generations of families across the centuries.

 Find out more about Vallein Tercinier’s story here on the blog

It’s a Wrap

 At Cognac Expert, we strive to bring engaging and interesting blog posts for our worldwide community to read. From learning about our favorite drink to an entertaining way to pass the time, we enjoy writing articles as much as we hope you love reading them. 

 As well as entertainment, our articles are designed to help customers wend their way through what can often feel like an overwhelming choice when selecting bottles to purchase. Our educational articles, in particular, can assist with improving your Cognac knowledge and help you make that all-important next selection.

 Even more importantly, we hope they help make your Cognac world that bit more informative. Learning about this wonderful French drink is a lifelong journey—one that continues to unravel its mysteries no matter how long the path. 

 So sit back, pick an article, and immerse yourself in our world. Accompanied by a finger or two of a good Cognac, it goes without saying.

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