Hennessy White, the “Pure White Hennessy”: Bottle Review

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Often, one hears the question “where can I buy the White Hennessy Cognac ?”. Now, first of all it is mainly available in Europe and the Carribean, Bahamas is often mentioned in that context.

The White Hennessy was also seen in New York liquor stores,  but probably is not available in your region. Fact: Hennessy White was never marketed, ever. This cognac was only tested.

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On this page you find a Cognac review and some background information about this bottle.

Wait, first I want to learn more about Cognac!

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And if you confused black and white: Read the article about Hennessy Black. Anyway… let’s get to the point: Hennessy Pure White.

Hennessy White label

Hennessy White label

Hennessy white comes from the world’s leading Cognac house. Not only does the Cognac have an ABV of 40% but the Cognac trading house of Hennessy also controls about 40% of the worldwide Cognac market.

The white “Henny” is a modern product: Not only the design of the bottle but also the spirit itself, as you can drink it neat or have it as ingredient for cocktails and longdrinks – but make no mistake: It is difficult to make. A member of the Hennessy tasting commitee told us that Hennessy White “is a pain” to create… not easy.

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Hennessy Pure White is clearly also a marketing product, there must be a reason for the exclusive distribution in the Carribean, perhaps because the Carribean is associated with being white (Raffaelo commercial, coconut, white beaches etc.)

Pure White Pic: Pictr-30D

Pure White Pic: Pictr-30D

But is it called “white” and “pure” because it’s produced with white wine or white grapes? The answer to that is, that Cognac is generally speaking produced with three different grape types , find an article about those grape varieties. No, Hennessy Pure White is simply a particular blend of the eaux-de-vie used in Charente.

How does Hennessy White taste?

The Cognac has a character of its own, comes in a 70cl glass bottle. Here are some tasting notes

Hennessy White taste

Hennessy White taste

The eye: bright honey
On the nose: light aroma, not too agressive
The taste: fresh, some fruits and nice flowery notes – it’s a delicate taste
Finish: smooth aroma and coherent with the fruity note
Blend: eaux-de-vie coming from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois (like every Cognac, this is a double distillation product)
Age: eaux-de-vie between 15 and 50 years
The Price: $40-$45 (but a lot of people pay between $80 and $100)
Go to the product and detail page of Hennessy Pure White.

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And it is true, that this bottle is rather rare in the United States. The Pure White Cognac is produced with grapes from the Cognac region, and distilled twice. You probably find an auction on ebay, where you can buy the bottle – but it’ll be expensive.

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185 Responses

#1 John on May 14, 2010, says:

This product of white hennessey is in every liquor store in Bellevue, WA, Redmond, WA, and Kirkland, WA. It doesn’t see to be a rare find at all.

#2 daddy0710 on May 16, 2010, says:

Not the greatest hennessey product out. It is definetly the worst.

#3 king 1 on Jun 7, 2010, says:

i have 2 bottles of hen white.have not tried them yet but will post revew when i do.

#4 eugene on Jun 8, 2010, says:

tasted it last w/e, was very impressed with the smoothness and taste

#5 LeJohnsonRN on Aug 2, 2010, says:

Recently, I’ve ventured into the Hennesy realm. Over the years, I’ve been an exclusive Jack Daniels drinker leaving the Hennesy to my family and friends. Then it happened, I purchased a bottle of Privelige and my life and taste buds were changed dramatically.

At any rate, I came across Hennesy PURE WHITE while in the Bahamas this past July and, at $35/bottle, 2 bottles had my name on them. I’ve yet to open one, but have read every piece of literature written on them. At present, I’m looking forward to opening one July 2011 when I’ll be heading back to the Bahamas to replace one as one is opened. I’m hoping to hold out that long.

#6 Dri Dri on Sep 1, 2010, says:

I need to know where can I purchase Hennessy Pure White to have shipped to me in the United States? Looking to purchase a full case

#7 Calvin on Sep 21, 2010, says:

Henny Pure White and Henny Black have the same color, the taste and, smell of flowery notes. Hummm, no it can’t be!

#8 michael lacey on Oct 24, 2010, says:


#9 Kevin Rogers on Nov 3, 2010, says:

I am really trying to try this new and seemingly rare form of Hennessy I consider myself kind of a Hennessy Conosur and have tried every brand of Hennessy. This has really been a delema for me please assit me in anyway possible!

#10 Clementine Anderson on Nov 16, 2010, says:

I would like to purchase a few bottles of henessey pure white. Where can i make a purchase??

#11 SCORPIO 25 on Dec 22, 2010, says:


#12 Trey hogan on Jan 2, 2011, says:

I want to buy some!!!!

#13 jerome wilkins on Jan 24, 2011, says:

Can I buy a bottle of hennessy pure white in. Grand cayman island?

#14 Kevin Rogers on Jan 25, 2011, says:

Is there anyway of purchasing a bottle Hennessy Pure White and having it shipped to me here in Connecticut, USA

#15 SunShyne on Feb 4, 2011, says:

I had to priviledge of tasting and purchasing Henny Pure White while in the Bahamas! Love the taste. Bought for $33.00 per bottle. Upset that both are gone. Now looking to buy more. SMH!

#16 kelly on Feb 10, 2011, says:

can i buy Hennessy white. In CHIACGO IL thank you

#17 Larry Campbell on Feb 11, 2011, says:

Recently visited St. Thomas and St. Martin January 17- 28, 2011 and I love the taste can’t wait until it hits the states to purchase more.

#18 HAIRMD on Mar 12, 2011, says:

I have some! everyone loves it! I’m in the NY area, and post it on ebay periodically!

#19 perez lanier on Mar 18, 2011, says:

Hennessy Pure White is clearly the best tasting product in the Hennesy lines of cognac. Better than VS., Privilege, or XO.

#20 Darlene on Mar 29, 2011, says:

Where in the US can we get this? I live in NY and have looked everywhere.

#21 badness on Apr 5, 2011, says:

I am not a fan of reg. Hennessey, but my sister went to trinidad n brought me back a bottle, I must say I love this one because of it’s smooth taste.

#22 hennyandremy on Apr 6, 2011, says:

Going to Nassau Bahamas this Saturday, where is the cheapest place to buy white hennessey?

#23 Juanita Phillips on May 14, 2011, says:

Is the Pure White Hennessy available in the U.S? If so where?

#24 Tonya on May 17, 2011, says:

I’ve tasted it and Luv it. I only bought 1 bottle from my trip to Jamaica. I would like to purchase more. When & where is it available in or around Wichita KS?

#25 Eimear on May 24, 2011, says:

Please let me know where can I buy hennessy pure white brandy – have become addicted and have made lots of friends because of my brandy and ginger ale, none left and come from Ireland. Got mine in Hennessy factory in Cognac. Would love to buy more and so would all my friends – Why can’t it be exported to Ireland? any retailer names ? Is it available in Ireland and if so where? Thanks

#26 Moneek on May 30, 2011, says:

I bought 2 this week in the Caymen Islands for $27

#27 Gary on Jun 4, 2011, says:

Hello peoples, I am from the lovely island of Trinidad and have been drinking Hennessy Pure White like water. Try it in a cocktail mix, it’s amazing. Mix with brown sugar and crush some grapes. Yum!

#28 Tracy on Jun 7, 2011, says:

Hi I am looking to purchase several bottles of Hennssey White for a wedding anniversary. Can it be purchased in the United States and if so where?

#29 andres on Jun 23, 2011, says:

not a big fan of hennessy but i will choose the black over the white on any giving day…..

#32 Robert on Jul 13, 2011, says:

Hello my name is Robert. And I would like to know where would I be able to purchase Hennessy purewhite?I am in Kansas city, Missouri. I recently visited the island of Antigua and purchased a couple of bottles there. But I can not find any in Missouri. Can I get some direction as to where I can purchase this fine cognac?

#33 Rogee on Jul 25, 2011, says:

This is the best tasting Hennessy out there no doubt about it. If you can’t find it in your local liquor store it’s because it’s NOT sold in the US. If you aren’t going to Europe or the Bahamas, Puerto Rico then check out eBay. There’s ALWAYS bottles on there, I’ve posted a few myself when I go to the islands, & when I don’t have any I’ll purchase from eBay as well. Hope this helps

#34 ROBERT on Jul 26, 2011, says:

Thank you. That does help. I guess ill be looking on eBay. Or just taking another trip back over seas.

#35 judith Mills on Jul 26, 2011, says:

Can I purchase the White Remy in the DC Maryland or Virginia area? If not can you tell me where?


#38 carol mccray on Aug 8, 2011, says:

where can I buy Pure White Hennessy and have it shipped to me?

#39 White Hennessy In NYC on Aug 16, 2011, says:

I just bought back two bottles of Hennessy Pure White fresh from the caribbean. I’m in NYC for pickup, also willing to ship nationwide for an extra $7.00 (paypal)… charging $90 a bottle.

#42 Lex on Oct 13, 2011, says:

Just got back from Jamaica… bought it for $50. And that was the bargaining price. To get it for $27 from the Cayman Islands is a steal!

#43 Kimberly on Oct 22, 2011, says:

Hennessy Pure White is not sold in the US and definitely not in Bellevue, Kirkland or Redmond, Washington. I live here, been to the liquor and wine stores and even went on www. Liq.wa.gov and it’s not listed. Hope you got friends that frequent Europe….

#44 Flo on Oct 22, 2011, says:

I have 36 btls, purchased @$49/blt in the Bahamas. After freight and customs duty, willing to sell @ $100/btl. In Florida now (22Oct2011)

#45 BeeRich on Oct 25, 2011, says:

I just purchased 5 bottles aboard Carnival Cruises. They price matched the store in Belize at $27 per bottle. Taste damn good.

#46 christina on Nov 14, 2011, says:

I went on a Bahamas cruise my self this year and brought some white hennessy.And i did enjoy it very much. BROUGHT IT FOR $40blt on the ship. can,t wait for the next trip to buy some more.next year

#48 Adriana on Dec 2, 2011, says:

hey just came back from saint thomas i have 4 bottles of white henny for sale 100 dollars a bottle email me if interested thanks!! im in NYC

#49 cruz on Dec 4, 2011, says:

I have 12 btls, purchased $48/blt in the caribean. 49+freight and customs duty,I,m selling @ $89.00/btl for pick up if wnat ship is $13.00 per btls

#50 Tiffany on Dec 8, 2011, says:

#49 Cruz what is your contact information. i am interested in purchasing two bottles.

#52 White Hennessy in NYC on Dec 8, 2011, says:

I keep a constant supply and now have 5 bottles of Hennessy Pure White from the Caribbean. Charging only $90 a bottle.

I’m in NYC for pickup, will also ship nationwide (trackable) for an extra $10.00 (paypal)..

#53 White Hennessy in NYC on Dec 8, 2011, says:

I meant $80/bottle not $90

#54 SARichards on Dec 9, 2011, says:

Have 6 btls of Pure White Hennessy for sale @ $75/btl. Please tell me if you’re interested. I’m in the NYC/Brooklyn area.

#55 Tiffany on Dec 10, 2011, says:

SARichards, i’m interested in two bottles. E-mail for more info.

#58 EUDY PEREZ on Dec 19, 2011, says:


#59 Anita on Dec 19, 2011, says:

Hi, I’m interested in getting a bottle or two as well. Does anyone have any to sell? Thanks

#62 Duane Woodard on Dec 28, 2011, says:

How can I buy some Pure white Hennessy

#63 SUNSHINE on Jan 11, 2012, says:

Hi I have a few bottles for sale in the North Florida area. I am going to put some on ebay also username tiff7426.

#64 [email protected] on Jan 16, 2012, says:

send me an email if interested in buying white hennessy …im willing to ship in the us by ups I will take payment thru paypal…75$ plus you will receive in 3-5 business days…thx & drink responsibly

#65 Amanda on Jan 24, 2012, says:

I am looking to buy approx 6 bottles for our wedding in 3 months. I can order online for about 70$ a bottle so if anyone is bringing it over from a vacatio and will sell it for cheaper in the NYC/NJ area, please contact me….

#66 cris on Jan 27, 2012, says:

Dose anybody know were I can order white heny from

#68 mike on Apr 4, 2012, says:

I just got back from St. Thomas and have 6 bottles of Pure White Hennessy.

#70 navi on May 23, 2012, says:

hi i want to buy pure white hennessy

#71 J on May 27, 2012, says:

who got tht pure white henny 4 sell i grab it frm u right now juz hml at 847-815-0773

#74 Big Man on Jul 12, 2012, says:

going to key west and cozumel in december. Will be picking up some White Henny. Just finished the last of my 3 bottles on father’s day. Bought them back from da bahams in february for my b day.

#75 CHILLEN IN LI on Jul 30, 2012, says:

got 2 bottles for sale.Long Island NY. Must pick up. Not selling to minors. 90 per bottle

#76 Little Lady on Sep 6, 2012, says:

Anyone have Pure white Henny to sell. NY, NJ area ?????

#78 heshie on Oct 10, 2012, says:

I have multiple bottles of Pure White @ $99 anytime.Contact soon, Will get busy before holidays
Can deliver now in NYC ( upper east side) ……..Cheers.

#79 Don Henny on Oct 17, 2012, says:

Hi, If your looking for Hennessy… White,Black,XO,Bras d’Or, Napoleon,Kenzo,Privé Old types & limited editions or whatever contact me I’m selling a part of my Hennessy stock & double bottles I have in my collection.
Also If you have Hennessy bottles for sale please let me know, I’m always searching for new&old bottles I don’t have in my collection!
[email protected]
You can also check me on Facebook
“Don Henny”

#80 benz0 on Oct 31, 2012, says:

Who has some pure white they are willing to ship. I’m in AZ. Looking for 2-3 bottles

#81 Island Flavor on Nov 7, 2012, says:

BenZo, I have four (4) bottles. Name ur price.

#82 derrick rogers on Nov 13, 2012, says:

Looking for Hennessy pure white before Christmas.@least 2 bottles.please email me if any one has it for sale.thank you

#83 megan bailey on Nov 16, 2012, says:

I would like to find where I can buy White Hennessey in Manhattan.

#84 LL on Nov 21, 2012, says:

Just returned from the Caribbean. Can’t wait to try this Hennesy White. Purchased on the Allure of the seas at $44/bottle. Found a store in Nassau where the charge was $32/bottle. Just to let you all know.

#85 Jr on Dec 1, 2012, says:

I love dis new white…i hate i cant get it dwn here in mississippi guess ill take another trip bac ova seas…

#86 PB on Dec 4, 2012, says:

Looking for Hennessy Pure white 3-4 bottles. let me know if you have some

#88 Ben on Dec 13, 2012, says:

I’ve been selling Hennessy Pure White for about a year to friends and family (I make frequent trips to the Caribbean) Let me know if you are interested in purchasing some. Fast shipping, and secure PayPal transactions.

#90 valeria anderson on Dec 14, 2012, says:

Looking for 4 bottles of pure white hennessey for Xmas.

#91 Will on Jan 13, 2013, says:

Just heard Abt Henny White today would love to get a bottle or 2 one to drink and one to save. Anyone willing to part with 2 bottles let me know will pay thru PayPal

#92 Judy Flack on Jan 17, 2013, says:

Looking for pure white hennessey. Can someone tell me where I can buy it?

#93 Thomas on Jan 22, 2013, says:

Sorry about that guys. $90 for a bottle. $500 for a case.

#94 Sim sim on Feb 10, 2013, says:

I need 2 bottles of henny white asap

#95 Jorge on Feb 17, 2013, says:

Need 3-4 bottles of pure white hennessy please contact me asap if you have any for sale.

#96 Jimmy on Feb 19, 2013, says:

I have White Henn $75 a bottle, I have cases all day. I do make delivery on cases that’s purchase.

#97 Sim sim on Feb 21, 2013, says:

Jimmy where are you located?

#98 Jimmy Boulai on Feb 22, 2013, says:

US Virgin islands, St.Thomas…

#99 Roxanne on Mar 13, 2013, says:

Looking for a few bottles of white Hennessy, please email me asap

#100 mary johnson on Mar 29, 2013, says:

where can i buy this white henn, is it near tallahassee,florida

#101 Christian on Apr 2, 2013, says:

Looking for 2 bottles of henny white Will pick up in NYC

#102 tasha on Apr 10, 2013, says:

Jimmy do you ship to the us

#103 Toni on Apr 19, 2013, says:

I live in the bronx ….

#104 Danielle on Apr 23, 2013, says:

I purchased a couple of bottles of pure white Hennessy while I was out the country. EVERYBODY wants my Hennessy. Can anybody explain to me why you can’t buy it in the states? Should I sell them? Thanks. I really only brought them because all my friends brought them. Lol. I don’t drink…

#105 Sim sim on Apr 26, 2013, says:

Danielle yes you should i need two asap I’ll be your 1st customer :)

#106 elijah spencer on May 21, 2013, says:

im searching to buy 4-5 bottles of pure white hennessy please contact me if anyone has some to sell at a reasonable price 60-70 dollars a bottle

#107 Jay on May 25, 2013, says:

Looking to buy 4 -6 bottles of Hennessy White

#108 Mary on Jul 15, 2013, says:

Is this easy to purchase all over Europe? I’m in rome right now and was wondering where can I pick up a bottle.. Anyone know? Thanks in advance .

#109 tran on Jul 24, 2013, says:

my dads 60 b-day is coming up,would like to purchase a bottle,will pay up to $150 a bottle

#110 soupbonez on Aug 12, 2013, says:

i have a few bottles of henny pure white for sale

Admin: You can use use our “Submit your Bottle” function: http://blog.cognac-expert.com/contact/ Thanks for your cooperation

#111 chado on Aug 19, 2013, says:

im in Newark Nj and i have 3 bottles left for sale $100 per bottle

#112 Jimmy on Sep 7, 2013, says:

I have a few bottles for sell asap, live in Jersey but will bring to NY.

#113 Lioness on Sep 10, 2013, says:

Bless all! I have a few bottles of that good Henny Blanco, aka Hennessy Pure White in the Los Angeles, CA area. If you are interested please contact me.

#114 Celi on Sep 24, 2013, says:

I’m looking to purchase a bottle of Henny White, if anyone has some to sell please contact me. Thanks

#115 Eli on Sep 26, 2013, says:

I live in NYC and am looking to purchase 1 or 2 bottles. Contact me please.

#116 Rodrigo on Sep 30, 2013, says:

I just found these henny white bottles avible here http://blog.cognac-expert.com/hennessy-pure-white-cognac-for-sale/

#117 Lou on Oct 5, 2013, says:

I have 3 bottles, near Chicago, if anyone interested.

#118 Valeria Anderson on Oct 7, 2013, says:

Looking to purchase 2 bottles of white Hennessy. Pls inbox me

#119 Jay on Oct 11, 2013, says:

i got a bottle if you’re interested

#120 Valeria on Oct 11, 2013, says:

Jay, I am interested. Let me know price, and are u willing to mail it.

#121 Lou on Oct 16, 2013, says:

Valeria, Please contact me, if you’re still interested.

#122 Shea on Oct 26, 2013, says:

I Have 3 bottles I got while in Bahamas. I’ll sell for $100 each in 757, 804, or 202 area. I will not ship.

#123 Tanya on Nov 17, 2013, says:

I have 2 bottles of Hennessy Pure White Cognac…Just in time for the Holidays!
$ 90 a bottle, plus shipping.

#124 Eli on Nov 19, 2013, says:

Tanya. I’m very interested. Please contact me.

#125 Deborah on Nov 22, 2013, says:

Shea send me an email…I am in the 757…Thanks!!

#126 Lou on Nov 22, 2013, says:

Have 3 bottles of Hennessy Pure White Cognac in Chicagoland area (847,224, 312, 603, 815), if anyone is interested. $100.

#127 David on Nov 26, 2013, says:

I have some bottles available. Please contact me. $100 each, $90 additional. Shipping included

#128 QuittaC on Nov 27, 2013, says:

I just bought a bottle from Nassau, Bahamas for $45. I plan on trying it this weekend. Mad I was only able to buy one bottle

#129 ian on Dec 7, 2013, says:

can only be purchase in the west indes and some other carribbean islands not sole it the us because of the bottle size must be 750ml it only come in 70cl

#130 Tim on Dec 9, 2013, says:

I had few bottle for white Hennessy, please contact me. Thank you

#131 Chubb on Dec 13, 2013, says:

If anyone will ship to Missouri i am very interested

#132 Re-Re on Dec 15, 2013, says:

I just purchased a bottle and it is for sale for $150.

#133 Hennygirl on Dec 23, 2013, says:

Hello all, just got back from Nassau and have 2 extra bottles if anyone is looking.

#134 Ace on Dec 24, 2013, says:

I have a few emty bottles for sale, maybe 3 in a few days.

#135 Jay on Dec 25, 2013, says:

I have 5 bottles saved for my father, but he won’t be able to drink with me anymore. So I have to sell them. email me if you are interest.

#136 Charles on Jan 1, 2014, says:

If anyone is interested in bottles of white hennessy please feel free to email me for more info

#137 Shawn on Jan 22, 2014, says:

I am interested in purchasing 2 small bottles of Hennessy White ASAP! Please email me.

#138 Jontay on Jan 25, 2014, says:

I have two bottles for sale 100.00 each via PayPal 15.00 shipping…

#139 Slo on Feb 3, 2014, says:

Located in San Francisco. I have a couple bottles of pure whites. Email me, will only do local. Email for more info.

#140 Marcia on Mar 14, 2014, says:

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and want to buy hennessy white to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Where can I buy some bottles?

#141 Andre on Mar 22, 2014, says:

So I recently came back from Spring Break in Trinidad and bought two Hennessy Pure White for a colleague. He said he only wanted one, so I’m stuck with the other one. I’m currently in Lancaster, PA. I paid $50, so anything above that works.

#142 Sheila on Mar 25, 2014, says:

Hey Andre,
I’m interested in that bottle if you want to sell.

#143 Vino on Apr 1, 2014, says:

I have a few bottles of Hennessy pure white in the NYC area for $90 email me for details if interested.

#144 Harold on Apr 2, 2014, says:

Vino I’m in Wash. DC and I need a bottle or two!

#145 Vino on Apr 4, 2014, says:

Hey Harold email me so we can contact each other directly.

#146 Nikki on Apr 6, 2014, says:

I have bottles 10 bottles for sale for $100 each!! Willing to ship and meet for drop off in the Washington DC area!! Serious inquiries only…please!!!

#147 Korri on Apr 7, 2014, says:

Nikki I am interested…. How do I get your email address.

#148 Korri on Apr 8, 2014, says:

Vino do you have any?

#149 shay on Apr 8, 2014, says:

I have three bottles that I got in Bahamas. In DC area, $90 also. Can get them to you asap.

#150 Korri on Apr 8, 2014, says:

I would like to purchase one Shay.

#151 Corey on Apr 15, 2014, says:

I have 4 bottles for sale. I’m in NY. Asking $100 each which includes shipping or you can pick it up for $90.00 a bottle.

#152 Shree on Apr 15, 2014, says:

I am interested in buying a few bottles for my wedding.

#153 Shree on Apr 15, 2014, says:

Vino do you have anymore bottles?

#154 Vino on Apr 16, 2014, says:

Hey Shree I do have bottles left how many do you need for your wedding

#155 Rudyj on Apr 25, 2014, says:

I’m willing to pay up to 75 for a bottle.

#156 Mark on Apr 26, 2014, says:

Rudyj, I can do 75 each but shipping is $20 for the first 1 to 3 bottles. $30 shipping for 4 to 6 bottles. Reply if you are interested.

#157 Karen on Apr 30, 2014, says:

i have a few bottles, would sell for 90.00 plus shipping.

#158 Louis Rosario on May 1, 2014, says:

Just came from the Bahamas and brought home 20 bottles of PURE WHITE HENNY. For sale $100 including shipping or delivery!

#159 Tina on May 2, 2014, says:

I’ll pay 75 a bottle as well.

#160 Daniel on May 8, 2014, says:

Tina, how many bottles do u need? I can do 75 plus shipping.

#161 Latoya on May 12, 2014, says:

Hello, my name is Toya and Im looking to purchase a case or two of the White Hennessey. If you have any email me please

#162 Nicole on May 27, 2014, says:

Looking to purchase a bottle, if any available please email me

#163 Gero on May 27, 2014, says:

If you’re interested in buying pure white, send me an email

#164 Willie on May 27, 2014, says:

Don’t be fooled by someone trying to make a quick buck. No hate on your hustle(s) but let’s be frank; this fairly new variety of Hennessy is just that. If your willing to spend $100, put your money on a bottle of XO. Cognac is brandy that has been aged longer in a particular type of barrel. White is only a smidgen above v.s. privilege is better tasting, XO is superior. You really want something special created by this cognac house, go for a bottle that’s aptly named after the founder Richard Hennessy. I myself no longer buy v.s. Hennessy. It’s privilege or another brand named D’usse.

#165 Louis on May 28, 2014, says:

I have pure white available at 100 a bottle. I’m in NYC I have about 8 bottles available.

#166 Gina on May 31, 2014, says:

Can yall bring it out in Michigan we been waiting since we found out about it come on now give up the new drink and make it nationwide and make this Detroit money

#167 Raygina on Jun 19, 2014, says:

I have 3 bottles available…$150/bottle. In California. Will ship USPS priority no charge… Great stuff!

#168 KD on Jul 11, 2014, says:

I have two bottles of Pure White left, $80 a piece. I’m in Richmond VA. email me if you want one.

#169 Taylor J on Jul 12, 2014, says:

I have pure white available, ships with tracking numbers. References available.

#170 Kiy on Jul 24, 2014, says:

I have 2 bottles available, email if interested.

#171 Pnell on Aug 2, 2014, says:

4 bottles 75 each plus shipping

#172 Ric on Aug 6, 2014, says:

hi. some friends were driving through france about 6 years ago & stopped at the hennessy HQ, where they were launching hennessy white. one of the directors told them that it was brought out to try to compete with whiskey sales in europe, as cognac was dropping. for whatever reason, it was a complete failure – badly promoted i believe – & soon after dropped. i’m not sure i would trust a regular supply from the caribbean! we too have a regular supplier of iffy goods of that nature. its called andorra. my friends brought me a bottle, AND 6 special ‘off-set’ glasses, & i loved it. even pacing myself carefully, after 18 months it was all gone. every time i drive through nearby france i stop off in small shops & look. about 2 years ago, in the midi pyrenees region, i found a shop with 4 bottles on a dusty shelf, at 26€s a bottle. they are now in my cellar!

#173 Jen on Aug 9, 2014, says:

Looking for pure white henney please email me

#174 Tony on Aug 13, 2014, says:

Hello Everyone,

Just got back from the Islands, if interested in 3 bottles for $297 contact me.

#175 Tim on Aug 15, 2014, says:

I had few bottle White Hennessy, please contact me. I am in Washington DC

#176 Bo on Aug 27, 2014, says:

I have two bottles left asking $130 each

#177 ray on Oct 19, 2014, says:

have 12 bottles of pure white $110per bottle will ship live in dallas area u pay shipping email for hoop up

#178 Cindy on Oct 25, 2014, says:

A friend brought me two bottles back from her cruise, 2 for $85.00 Save your money and get a friend to bring you some back. $100.00 a bottle is just folks being greedy.

#179 Louis on Oct 27, 2014, says:

Cindy get a life. No one is being greedy. Simply making a profit from a product that is in high demand. And every year when I go on a cruise I buy 20 bottles. And sell each and everyone for 100.00. I have six available now. Don’t be stupid just because someone is making an extra dollar. #Marinate. Who’s waiting until a feiedmanwe goes and comes from a cruise to drink henny? No one else but Cindy.

#180 Hennessy on Oct 28, 2014, says:

I had few bottle white Hennessy for sale, please offer (I am in Washingfton DC). Thank you

#181 Robert on Nov 5, 2014, says:


#182 Cami on Nov 13, 2014, says:

Addressed to #180 Posted Oct 28, 2014
How much are you asking g for a bottle of White Hennessey?…It’s for a gift for my son.

#183 Tom on Nov 13, 2014, says:

Answer posted 182 it cost $85 abc u can find me in Craiglist too thank u

#184 Craig on Nov 26, 2014, says:

Need bottles

#185 craglist in washington DC on Nov 26, 2014, says:

Craig . Whre are you? I am in Virginia or Washington Dc Thanks

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