As a long-standing emblem of culture and luxury, it is only natural that Cognac producers are inspired by gold and choose to incorporate it into their products – which like gold, also glimmer with elegance and finesse.

For as long as history on Earth dates back, the value of gold has always been considered precious and opulent. From thousands of years ago, when gold was first used as money, to the California Gold Rush and the creation of bitcoins: Gold remains iconic, withstanding social and cultural developments, century after century.


The History of Gold

Did you know that gold is extraterrestrial? It was actually cooked up in space and is found on Earth because of cataclysmic stellar explosions called supernovae that took place in the stars.

The earliest history of human interaction with gold dates so far back, it is hard to pinpoint exactly when gold was discovered on earth. But its association with the gods, immortality, and wealth are common to many cultures all over the world.
We do know, however, that prospecting for gold was a worldwide effort going back thousands of years. Around 700 B.C., the first use of gold as money occurred when Lydian merchants produced the first coins.

Therefore, for thousands of years, humans have placed a high value on gold, equating it with power, beauty, and the cultural elite. Since gold is widely distributed all over the world, its high worth and desirability has remained the same throughout ancient and modern civilizations across the globe.

Gold rush in USA

In early 1848, the California Gold Rush was sparked by the discovery of gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley. As news spread, prospective gold miners flocked to San Francisco and other nearby towns to get in on the action. This was arguably one of the most significant events to shape American history during the first half of the 19th century. By the end of 1849, the non-native population of the California territory increased to around 100,000 citizens, compared to less than 1,000 citizens prior 1848. In total, $2 billion worth of precious gold was extracted from the area during the Gold Rush.

Gold today

What is gold worth in 2020? Today 100g of gold is currently valued at 6022.73 US Dollars. Which probes the question: Is it worth it? To put into perspective just how pure gold is – all of the gold that we have mined in history could be compiled into three olympic sized swimming pools.

With gold prices being so high, they are used by investors as a storage of wealth. During uncertain times, it becomes more important, as many people invest in gold for its security. At present, new locations of investment, such as the recent COVID-19 vaccination (that is said to be 90% effective) has allowed the price of gold to plummet. Due to less people choosing to invest in gold and instead the new vaccine. If the price of gold is lower than usual at the moment, could now be a good time to buy for future investment?

The Digital Age & Gold: Bitcoins


Meanwhile, we have seen a new form of gold in recent years. As the world turns more and more digital, the value of cryptocurrency has rocketed. Like gold, Bitcoins are available in limited quantities and must be obtained through mining. Although with bitcoins, mining takes place virtually via a series of special computer encryptions. As Bitcoins offer a new source for investors to toy with, it is clear that gold has a special wealth of power that has been successful in influencing the digital world too. Nevertheless, both physical gold and digital bitcoins are a glittering storage of opulence that increase in value over time.

Therefore, it goes without saying that gold and Cognac come hand in hand. As often, Cognac is produced exclusively in the form of a limited edition or in small batches. Meaning, certain releases become collector’s items and, like gold, the value of such Cognac’s may increase over time.

Here is a round-up of our top Cognac picks that have been inspired by the concept of gold:

Hennessy Gold

The latest release from power house Henessy proves that all that glitters IS gold. The Hennessy VS Limited Edition Cognac is a vibrant blend containing more than 40 of the best eaux-de-vie from all four of the premier growing regions. Shining bright as one of the most popular Cognacs in the world, this limited edition is quite literally like gold dust. With very limited quantities available, don’t miss out on this exclusive bottle that is sure to impress guests this holiday season.

Hennessy VS Gold
Hennessy VS Gold

Voyer Gold

Another golden shining delight is in the form of Francois Voyer XO Gold Cognac. An award-winning extra old blend and a dazzling representation of pure excellence. This XO has been turning heads since its release and even took home a double gold award at the 2016 San Francisco Spirits Competition. A fine representation of the gold standard, not just presentation wise, but with its rich flavours and tasting experience too.

Francois Voyer XO Gold Cognac
Francois Voyer XO Gold

Baron Otard Gold

The Baron Otard XO Gold Extra Old Cognac is a multi-award winner with a blend of eaux-de-vie deriving from the exclusive Grande Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois regions. With 50 percent of its eaux-de-vie coming from the Grande Champagne region, it is created from the finest terroirs in the region and is renowned for its deep golden and vermilion color following years of careful maturation. Arriving in a stylish teardrop shaped decanter, it is a well recognised XO Cognac that offers a one of a kind tasting experience to be cherished forever.

Baron Otard XO Gold Cognac
Baron Otard XO Gold

Bowen Gold’n Black

Boasting a distinct personality, containing complex notes of oak and mineral, Bowen Gold’n Black is another show-stopping representation of what makes a good Cognac. A well-aged XO Cognac, with a tasting fusion that is sure to delight. With aromas combining a delicious Charente rancio and a delicate touch of mineral; it is a truly remarkable presence and length leaves the palate dancing with joy.

Bower Gold'n Black Cognac
Bowen Gold’n Black Cognac

Roullet XO Gold

An outstanding Grande Champagne offering from the renowned premier cru of Cognac. The Roullet XO Gold is made up of delightful components that have been aged for more than 16 years. The resulting taste is that of orange peel, almonds, dried fruits, vanilla, and roses. The perfect digestif after a meal, this is one to enjoy in good company in fine surroundings.

Roullet XO Gold Cognac
Roullet XO Gold Cognac

Fillioux Cep d’Or

The Jean Fillioux Cep d’Or “XO Selection” Grande Champagne Cognac is a refined, rich and luxurious Cognac that is the jewel of five generations of artisanal expertise and savoir-faire from the house of Fillioux. Described as ‘enticing and dessert-like’ with notes of cocoa and pecan pie, hints of apple and a zing of ginger, this mature Cognac serves well as a delightful digestif. Presented in an elegant decanter, its understated golden detailing and slim shape will stand tall on the spirits shelf.

Jean Fillioux CEP D'OR Gold Cognac
Jean Fillioux CEP D’OR Gold Cognac

Deau L.V.O

The Grande Champagne Deau L.V.O Cognac is one that oozes luxury from beginning to end; from its inception to the sealing of the bottle. Its acronym stands for “La Vie en Or”, or “Life in Gold”, indicating that this is a blend with a truly precious nectar and gold-leaf embellishment. A Cognac for true connoisseurs, whilst you can put a price on gold, this XO offers a priceless and unrivalled experience like no other.

Deau L.V.O "La Vie en Or" Cognac
Deau L.V.O “La Vie en Or” Cognac

Larsen Viking Ship Gold Carved

Representing pure elegance and sophistication the Larsen Viking Ship Gold Carved Cognac is also synonymous to the valuable and rare precious metal of gold. Its unique viking ship decanter was the result of fine Cognac craftsmanship, which curates the bottle in authentic Porcelaine de Limoges or glass. It is then hand-painted and carved with 24-carat gold by incredibly skilled artisans. The fine floral bouquet of this Cognac is thanks to its origins of Grande and Petite Champagne regions. Like gold, these premier crus are known for producing exquisite high-quality products that stand the test of time.

Larsen Viking Ship Gold Cognac
Larsen Viking Ship Gold Cognac

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