It’s been a while since the Cognac giant launched a new permanent expression to its range, the last being in 2010. (Remy Martin 1898).  So the announcement of the innovative Rémy Martin Tercet Cognac is something to get rather excited about. Not only is it new, but it’s something quite different from what we usually expect to see from Rémy.

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Tercet is the creation of three Cognac artisans, the brilliant Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau, Master Distiller Jean-Marie Bernard, and Wine Master Francis Nadeau. The result is an over-proof offering that’s quite ground-breaking for a house that’s more well known for treading a somewhat more traditional path.

The Tercet difference

To fully understand the complexities of Remy Martin Tercet we need to head back to the days when the bright talents of Loiseau were still being honed under the watchful eye of his predecessor, Pierrette Trichet. During this period he became aware of a rather distinct kind of eaux-de-vie—those that hailed from the vineyards of Nadeau. These were rather more raw in nature than that those more commonly used in Remy’s blends, but Loiseau was drawn to their potential and began to set them aside each year, with a view for a future project.

When he took the helm as Cellar Master in 2014, his exploration into how best to use them became his passion. He decided to bring in the expertise of both Nadeau and Bernard, and together they worked on how the distinct aromatic profile of the eaux-de-vie could be worked to create a new angle on Cognac. The result is Remy Martin Tercet.

Rémy Martin Tercet Cognac: A Creative Trifecta Launch
Remy Martin Cellar Master, Baptiste Louiseau

Baptiste said of the project, “At Rémy Martin we are free to experiment and create new blends, so when I found this unique eaux-de-vie I dared to explore what it could become. Working in tandem with fellow experts and, more importantly, long-time friends Francis Nadeau and Jean-Marie Bernard to see the entire process through, our vision came to life as a novel Fine Champagne cognac, precisely to the standards of the Maison.”

The taste of Tercet

At 42% ABV this is the highest proof Cognac ever produced by Remy. As are all of the house’s Cognacs, it’s a blend of both Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie, and has a strong fruity-fresh aromatic profile that’s very reminiscent of the grapes at its core. The palate is round, a little spicy, with a long finish with generous hints of toasted almond.

Rémy Martin Tercet Cognac: A Creative Trifecta Launch
Fruity, spicy, and robust, Remy Martin Tercet provides an innovative taste experience

How to drink it

The high alcohol content is key to the taste experience, maintaining the essence of the grapes throughout. It’s recommended to be enjoyed over ice, or perhaps after a cold sweet dessert.

Remy Martin Tercet is initially being launched in selected states exclusively within the US, with promises that we can expect similar such exciting products in the future. Loiseau said that this is a  “new milestone in the history of the house” and that “other innovations will come within the next two years

Discover more about the Cognacs of Rémy Martin and Tercet.


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Rémy Martin Tercet Cognac: A Creative Trifecta Launch

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