Although we have written about Cognac Francois Voyer in the past, we have to share this discovery with you. We decided this incredible artisanal Cognac house is worthy of a visit and a proper feature. Because this is not just any kind of Cognac, it is one with an almost 150-year long family tradition attached to it, and one that gets made with an incredible expertise. We love the result: highest quality coupled with a sincere love for Cognac.


Cognac Voyer is a well-kept secret, one that connoisseurs might pass on amongst each other, but certainly not beyond. Served in the country’s best restaurants (such as Alain Ducasse or Lucas Carton), Francois Voyer carries on a quintessential Cognac-making tradition. Priding themselves with their unique production methods and commitment to quality rather than quantity, the house of Cognac Voyer emphasizes that it “makes Cognac for people who don’t want to follow the crowd.”

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We had a beautiful drive to the estate, driving past lush vineyards and witnessing the hussle and bussle of the annual harvest. Their 28 hectares of vineyards are situated in the villages of Verrières and Ambleville, both prime locations in the Grande Champagne growing region. The Voyer family has been cultivating its vines since the French Revolution, making this Cognac estate one of the few still run by the original family.

Voyer cellars

Their expert knowledge has been passed on from father to son for five generations since 1870. Voyer grows, distills, and bottles their Cognac in order to control quality and uphold traditional Cognac-making values. The results are amazing. Ranging from an unusually mature VSOP (aged 7-14 years), a NAPOLEON (aged 12-20 years), an outstanding XO (aged 20-30 years) to the luxurious EXTRA (a blend of eaux-de-vie between 32 and 40 years of age)  and the precious Hors d’Age (matured between 40 and 60 years). They also feature a range of vintages and other special bottles, incredible to see what kind of quality such a small house can output.


Cellar Master Pierre Vaudon is the guardian of quality and consistency at François Voyer, and a supporter of Cognac-Expert since the early days. Every year he tastes all of the eaux-de-vie, including only the very best into his blends.The amazing success and recognition of François Voyer Cognac is reflected across a long list of professional Cognac awards and medals they have received over the years.

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Sophie is co-founder of Cognac Expert and lives in Charente, France. She is a passionate supporter of small and medium sized Cognac houses and artisanal producers. Her background is in contemporary art.

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