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New: Hennessy X.X.O Launch

A new product, Hennessy X.X.O Hors d'Age, by Hennessy, is being launched at Singapore Changi Airport between August 1 and September 11. It is the international launch preview of this new Cognac and the only place to get your hands on it. So if you're passing through, don't miss your chance. Be the first to know when Hennessy X.X.O is available via Cognac Expert and sign up here. A while back, we discovered a hidden trademark named Hennessy XXO. We published our speculations about Hennessy launching a new product, and were pretty...
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Double-Matured Cognac: A New Trick for an Old Eau-de-Vie

Cognac must be aged in oak barrels for at least two and a half years to earn the denomination Cognac, according to strict BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac) rules. However, where the oak comes from is no longer specified in those regulations. Whisk(e)y-makers have chosen to “finish” their libations in second-hand barrels, and now, Cognac-producers have followed suit. By selecting different oaks from the traditional Limousin and Tronçais, as well as different barrels which have been used in other...
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Remy Martin XO Cannes Film Festival Edition 2017 is out! (VIDEO REVIEW)

The result of Remy Martin's annual collaboration with the Cannes Film Festival is now available here at Cognac-Expert. Buy the Remy Martin Cannes Edition now, the stock won't last very long! Every year since 14 years, Remy Martin creates a special edition Cognac for the legendary Cannes Film Festival. They are the official Cognac supplier to the event. This year the suspense was especially great, because it honors the 70th anniversary of the iconic film festival. Remy Martin XO Cannes special edition 2017 is a versatile...
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The best Cognacs under $60

This article is a response to a reader's request. Please keep any suggestions and ideas coming, we love responding to your questions. The request was for a selection of Cognacs under $60. What a great idea! We looked for cheap Cognacs that you don't have to feel bad about serving. Well, cheap sounds kind of bad, it should better be referred to as reasonably priced, as Cognac is never cheap. But that's what we've learned to love about it. Here is a list...
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Best Vintage Cognacs for 2017

A Vintage Cognac is also referred to as a Millésime Cognac, meaning it's a Cognac from a single year and a single harvest. For whisky this is commonly known as "single barrel". It means exactly the same thing for Cognac - originating from one year, one estate, and one barrel. The difference is that for Cognac, it's quite uncommon. Remind me, what is a Vintage Cognac again? Normally, a Cognac is blended from different eaux-de-vie. Each aged eau-de-vie is a result...
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