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How 50 Cent’s New Cognac could look like

Disclaimer: As far as we know, there is no 50 Cent cognac (yet). This article simply imagines a 50 Cent cognac.  It was meant to be a ‘secret’ – but in true rock star tradition, 50 Cent’s recent visit to Cognac was anything but. Because in a world where social media rule, the chances of keeping anything discrete just ain’t gonna happen. Plus, when 50 Cent posts a pic on his Instagram with 14 million followers, you can be pretty sure he...
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Ludacris & Conjure Cognac: Another Commercial Hits the Screen

 Hot on the heels of Jay-Z and his D'Usse Cognac commercial, we now have Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges gracing the silver screen to promote Conjure Cognac. And whilst both hip hop stars have a penchant for chauffeur driven Bentleys and other obvious signs of opulence, when you take a closer look at the advertising campaigns, it's clear that they both have subtle but definite differences. So - for a bit of fun - let's put D'Usse and Conjure, with their relevant figureheads,...
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The Luda: Conjure Cognac Signature Cocktail by Ludacris

Conjure & Ludacris Mix Up a Cognac Cocktail for the GRAMMYS

To celebrate the upcoming GRAMMY awards, Conjure Cognac and three time GRAMMY award winner Ludacris have come up with a cocktail to celebrate. The Luda Cocktail Titled ‘The Luda" - this signature cocktail has been created using the delights of Conjure Cognac along with the tropical flavour of fresh pineapple, lemon juice and the sweetness of sugar or syrup. To whisk up a Luda is simplicity itself. Even the most novice of cocktail makers can mix up the ingredients to create...
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James Bond, Ludacris and Lars von Trier: Cognac Product Placement in Movies

Movies can help to push a product. And Cognac product placement has tradition. Whether 007, Hennessy in a Lars von Trier's last movie or Ludacris sipping Birkedal Hartmann's Conjure Cognac: Hollywood places cognac. Let's have a look at this Conjure Cognac product placement in NO STRINGS ATTACHED with Ashton Kutcher. Let's think about it: This movie had a domestic total gross: $70,662,220 and worldwide $147,780,440 - that's a lot of eyes on one product. ...
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Kim Birkedal Hartmann

Kim Birkedal Hartmann Joins Millennium Prime

Kim Birkedal Hartmann, owner of the cognac house Birkedal-Hartmann, has joined the board of directors of Millennium Prime (MLMN).  The company, who specialise in the innovation of luxury brands for the millennium generation, welcome the 35 years of international wine and spirit experience he brings to the table. In a common agreement, Birkedal Hartmann AS, announced that Mr Kim Birkedal Hartmann has resigned from all responsibilities and duties in the Birkedal Hartmann Group and at the same time Kim Birkedal...
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