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Cognac with an Attitude: A Visit at Léopold Gourmel

When it comes to having an extraordinary reputation, an evocative name and the production of high quality cognacs in a low volume, then Cognac Leopold Gourmel certainly ticks all the boxes. The house was founded in 1972, and being a Cognac producer myself, I certainly am aware of this renowned brand. But up until recently, I’d never had the opportunity to taste it. Last week at Genté in Charente, I had the privilege of meeting up with the founder and...
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Cognac Vines Ravaged by Freak Hailstorms

"They buy Porsches and Ferraris, apartments in Royan or Miami…  And when the hailstorms arrive they shamelessly cry for aid," so says Alain Philippe, the former director of the BNIC via Facebook on June 10, 2014. I wish I'd read these false, derogatory remarks sooner, because I'd have taken photos of these so called 'Charantaise Ferrari Wine Growers,' who gathered in Pons today for a crisis meeting. Ce soir ça tapait fort sur la région ! #orage #charente #meteo pic.twitter.com/z7Pd9mpRxn — Magick!...
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Cognac Vineyard Prices at an All Time High

With an ever-growing demand for eaux-de-vie, it should come as no surprise that the cost of a hectare of vineyard in the region of Cognac continues to grow. Prices are up 14 per cent in the Charente, and 11 per cent in the Charente Maritime, bringing the prices to an all time high.  On average, a hectare of prime Grande Champagne vines now costs around 45,000 euros, all thanks to the increase in cognac exported over the past 12 months. ...
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Visit: A Discovery of Hennessy’s Deepest Secrets

Cognac-Expert.com were delighted to be invited to take part in 'Les Journees Particulares,' held by the LVMH Group at Hennessy HQ on the banks of the Charente River. June the 15th and 16th saw the cognac giant open its doors to reveal some of its innermost secrets to the public for the very first time.  And although we've visited Hennessy Cognac several times in the past, this time was extra special as it gave us the chance to explore three...
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Living Poitou Charentes Magazine: Your Key to Cognac & The Area

Here at Cognac-Expert, we’re always happy to see efforts to promote not only Cognac, but everything to do with the wonderful area of the world that is the Charente and Charente Maritime. So the magazine, Living Poitou Charentes, naturally gets the thumbs up from us, as it really does tick all the boxes.  One thing that can be a little frustrating for those who’re not fluent in French can be the lack of decent information that you can truly find...
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