Our hugely popular Cognac Lovers Facebook Group has evolved into THE place for communication with our diverse global Cognac community. If you’re not yet a member then we’d hate for you to miss out, so head across to Cognac Lovers and get involved.

Bottle of L'Essentiel with the chateau in the background
Exclusive behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot of L’Essentiel Vallein Tercinier in our Cognac Lovers Facebook group

To whet your appetite we’ve put together a few of the highlights we’ve gleaned from our valued members. From fun polls to personal recommendations to winning free stuff, not a day goes by when we’re not delighted by nuggets of information, pictures, and innovative ways that this army of Cognac lovers gets immense pleasure from their favorite drink.

Need more convincing to join in? Then check out the following 5 insights that shine a light on the amazing (and growing) community who enjoy Cognac just as much as all of us at Cognac Expert do…

Insight #1: We Really Are Global

Our group is truly worldwide. In addition to where we might expected Cognac aficionados to reside, such as France, USA, UK, Germany, and Australia, we’ve got members in countries as far afield as Sierra Leone, Mongolia, Kenya, Lebanon, Russia, and Israel.

Here’s a current list of the countries where our Cognac Lovers are located:

Albania, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Malaysia, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Insight #2: Who Are We?

One of the greatest aspects of Cognac appreciation is that there are no boundaries. Loved by all age ranges, our group comprises expert tasters, cocktail shakers, foodies, the young and young-at-heart, old-school sippers, the big-brand drinker, craft-curious, and more.

With the permission of some of our members we’ve had a bit of fun determining a selection of the different types of Cognac Lovers that make up our diverse group.

The Foodie

Cognac and food are natural bedfellows, and many of you enjoy food pairing combinations that open up the world of aroma and taste with some wonderful complementary Cognacs.

From smoked salmon and Pierre Ferrand Cognac to Pork ribs, cassoulet, and a good Hennessy, our members are bursting with exciting ideal about your next Cognac-food pairing combination.

Smoked Salmon on the BBQ
Photo credit: Sebastian Jaeger in our Cognac Lovers Facebook group
A bottle of Park 1974 paired with cake and macarons
Photo credit: Michael Tran in our Cognac Lovers Facebook group
A bottle of Gilbert XO with Pizzas in the background
Food pairing recommendation in our Cognac Lovers Facebook group

Check out this video posted by our very own Max as he enjoyed a lazy barbeque and generous shot of Hennessy XO.

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A post shared by Sophie & Max Cognac-Expert.com (@cognacexpert)

The Curious

We’re not just a group for those with extensive knowledge of Cognac—we welcome those with even the slightest interest. Eau-de-vie is, for many, a subject shrouded in mystery. Add in the fact that the majority of liquor stores only stock a handful of the most famous brands and the scene is sadly set to almost prevent people understanding the enormous delicious facets of the hundreds of smaller Cognac houses out there. Just another reason you need to join Cognac Lovers now…

One thing that’s immediately obvious about our members is their inclusivity. No matter how much (or how little) you might know about the world of Cognac, even the smallest glimmer of interest will see you welcomed with open arms.

The Memer

Ah… Where would social media be without memes? Of course, our Cognac Lover group has its fair share, and they’re always a great way to bring a smile to your day. Meme makers are often the first to identify a new trend and bring it to our attention.

Person stocking up on Hennessy cases
Kermit drinking a cup of Cognac that looks like tea

The Paparazzo

Let’s face it, some people have a natural talent for taking photos that evoke great emotion—and we’re so lucky to have some great photographers gracing our pages.

This oh-so-simple yet powerful image of Hine VSOP Rare enjoyed on a summer picnic demands that you pack your cool box and head to the hills…

A bottle of Hine Rare next to a Marshall speaker
Photo credit: Oli Little from our Cognac Lovers Facebook group (Cognac 247 on Instagram)

The Anticipator

Hands up… Who out there awaits every purchase of a new Cognac with barely concealed excitement? Well, you’re not alone. We and many (many!) of our members adore the anticipation of that first aroma—that first sip.  It makes our day when we see the same enthusiasm mirrored by others, and brought to the groups’ attention with a pre-snifter photo and comment. Of course, we also await the verdict with anticipation, as does everyone else.

A bottle of Delamain Vesper enjoyed by candle light
Photo credit: Benny Kvärre from our Cognac Lovers Facebook group

The Collector

Being somewhat of collectors ourselves, we love seeing evidence of other people’s collections. From old-school brand delights to additions to the latest collector series, we love seeing photos such as this rather attractive collection of the four iterations of the Hennessy Master Blender series.

4 bottles of Hennessy Master Blender's Selection 1-4
Photo credit: Oli Little from our Cognac Lovers Facebook group (Cognac 247 on Instagram)

The Tabacconista

For those who enjoy a cigar, pairing it with a great Cognac is truly a match made in heaven. Our group is a great place to discover potential matches, such as the happy harmony of multi-award winning Delamain Pale & Dry Cognac with a Hoyo de Monterrey – Serie La Hoyo.

Delamain Pale & Dry enjoyed with a cigar
Photo credit: Klas A M Eriksson from our Cognac Lovers Facebook group

The Pro

Some of our members certainly know their stuff. These aficionados enrich our group with their Cognac discoveries, tasting notes, opinions, and general eau-de-vie-related conversation.

The Agnostic

You don’t need to be an out-and-out Cognac fan to be welcome—those who like to dabble also make up a large proportion of our members. Enjoy whisky but don’t mind the odd tot of Cognac when the occasion presents itself? You’ll find many kindred spirits here.

A word of warning though. It’s been known for even the most committed of Scotch drinkers to jump ship and come over to the ‘other’ dark side (of spirits) as they get drawn into the wonderful world of Cognac…

The Experiencer

If you agree that the art of Cognac isn’t just about the taste, but the whole experience, then you’re going to love seeing passion such as the guy who insists on the right glass for the occasion. We have to say, we agree with him (we’re partial to a tulip glass ourselves)

Cognac degustation with several different ones
Photo credit: Jonathan Van de Velde from our Cognac Lovers Facebook group

As you can see, we’re a weird and wonderful bunch—and we’d love you to join us. The only criteria you need to join is an interest in Cognac. Experienced or not, we can’t wait to meet you…

Insight #3: What Do We Learn from Each Other?

Cognac Lovers is (sorry for the overused superlative but in this case it’s true) an awesome place to learn about Cognac. For instance, check out this great post on the addition of sugar to Cognac. Not only do we get replies from other members, but Cognac houses also get involved. In this case, thanks to Prunier Cognac for their valued input.

Fascinating discussion themes pop up time and time again. To take part all you need do is be a member. Whether you actively interact or are more of a lurker, the benefits are just as great…

Insight #4: What are Our Favorite Cognacs?

Now you’re talking…! We love a favorite Cognac discussion, and when we put the question to our esteemed Cognac Lovers group we were rewarded with a wonderful top 5 list. 

#1. Chateau de Montifaud Cognac

3 bottles of Chateau de Montifaud: VS, VSOP and XO
Photo credit: Oli Little from our Cognac Lovers Facebook group (Cognac 247 on Instagram)

#2. JL Pasquet Cognac

Photo credit: Cato Røsæg‎ from our Cognac Lovers Facebook group

#3. Delamain Cognac

A bottle of Delamain Pale & Dry
Photo credit: Benny Kvarre from a post on our Cognac Lovers Facebook group

#4. Grosperrin Cognac

A bottle of Grosperrin 1970 Grande Champagne
Photo credit: Ronny Heitmann from our Cognac Lovers Facebook group

#5. jean Fillioux

Jean Fillioux Très Vielle Grande Champagne
Photo credit: Sebastian Jaeger‎ from our Cognac Lovers Facebook group

Don’t worry if you’ve not heard of some of them, as we’re all about promoting the smaller artisan producers, as well as bringing the famous brands to your attention. Head to each of our dedicated brand pages to continue what we promise is an enlightening and delightful voyage of discovery.

Insight #5: Cognac Lover Member Recommendations…

Of course, when you bring a group of enthusiasts together then you can bet your ass you’re going to get some great recommendations.

For instance, there’s the Le Reviseur XO (recommended by Benny Kvarre), Bache Gabrielsen (George Silagadze), and the brand of Claude Chatelier (Elle Jackson). The latter prompted a fascinating thread when the question was posed by Eddie Jessup.

Reviseur XO Cognac enjoyed with a Latte Macchiato
Photo credit: Benny Kvarre from a post on our Cognac Lovers Facebook group

Another good recommendation post was started by Ole Patrick Blomberg, and it seems Hardy, Leyrat, and Le Reviseur all came up trumps for many of our group.

More great insights came from the the many suggestions in response to a post by Chris Moore, where he asked for opinions on the best budget Cognac. The recommendations were pretty impressive, with delights such as Courvoisier’s Extravagance being a popular choice. Others that hit the spot inlclude:

Navarre Vieille Reserve Grande Champagne Cognac

Vallein Tercinier Small Batch VT 46 Cognac

Braastad XO Fine Champagne Cognac

Pasquet Napoleon Cognac.

As an aside, you’ll need to be a member of Cognac Lovers to read these posts. So if you’ve not already done so, head over and send a request to join. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible so you can join the fun.

Other Reasons to Join Cognac Lovers

If we’ve yet to convince you, here’s a few more reasons to join our lively Cognac Lovers Facebook group.

#1. Lots of chances to win free stuff!

We have currently another raffle with 3 miniature bottles of Sophie & Max Sélection N° 2 Cognac up for grabs. All you need do to have a chance of winning is get a Cognac-loving friend to join and tell them to like the post and tag you in the comments. If they tag you then you’ll automatically be entered in the draw.

#2. Your opinion counts

We love to hear your opinions. We have many polls regarding all aspects of Cognac appreciation and we’re super-active online. Ask us questions, get to know us—there’s a million and one reasons to get involved.

#3. Masses of inspiration

Seeing what others are drinking and their different ways of indulging their love of Cognac isn’t just fun to know, it inspires you to experiment and expand your own repertoire.

#4. Be the first to know

Want to wow your friends and family with your inside knowledge? Perhaps it’s your dream to be one of the first to taste your favorite brand’s latest release? We update daily (and more often if we need to), so if you want to be in the know, then you’ve got to be in the group!

Free, Fun, and Fabulous: Join Our Cognac Lovers Facebook Group Now

We’re actually pretty humbled that the tiny blog we started back in 2010 has grown to the global community and major Cognac outlet that it is today. As ever, our aim has always been to raise awareness of the small artisan producers alongside bringing you the latest industry news on producers of all sizes.

Whether you’re an avid Hennessy aficionado or yearn to discover those unheard of traditional family houses, Cognac Expert’s vibrant Facebook group, Cognac Lovers, really is the place to be. 

We can’t wait to welcome you…

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