Fancy a walk on the dark side? Yeah, us too. So come with us—we’ll hold your hand if you like—as we take a foray into the world of dark Cognacs. Yes, we’re heading to a place where the lights have gone out, demons might play, and the intense flavors and aromas don’t so much sparkle in the candlelight as cackle in the shadows. Welcome to the dark side with these black Cognac bottles.

Are you brave enough to discover the dark world of Cognac?

Let’s face it, one of the marketing ploys for most Cognacs is the fact that you can SEE the beautiful nectar within the bottle. So decanters where the color black has been embraced are few and far between. Or are they? There might be more than you think. 

Take a look at this collection—a sultry gang who certainly hit the spot when the need arises for your Cognac to truly make a statement.

1. Baron Otard Collection du Roi Cuvée 1 Cognac

Baron Otard Collection du Roi Cuvée 1 Cognac reminds us of a Queen of the underworld with its ebony black jewel-like dress and crown sitting menacingly atop. The contents are just as regal as the carafe, produced from a rare blend of just two ancestral Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, kept for generations in the Paradise cellars of the Royal Château.

Baron Otard Collection du Roi Cuvée 1
The wonderfully brooding Baron Otard Collection du Roi Cuvée 1

Discover more about the Baron Otard Collection du Roi Cuvée 1 Cognac.

2. A.E. Dor XO Carafe Nolly Cognac

The A.E. Dor XO Nolly Cognac Carafe is certainly giving us devilish vibes with its pointy horn and jet black exterior which gradually fades to reveal the blood-red liquid held within. The deliciously naughty Fine Champagne eaux-de-vie has laid waiting for over 50 years to tempt our palates and we’re quite sure we’d let the devil corrupt us for its honey-roasted notes and indulgent creamy body. 

AE Dor XO Carafe Nolly
A.E. Dor’s edgy carafe will sell out fast

Find out more about the A.E. Dor XO Carafe Nolly.

3. Cognac Calendar – Limited Edition by Cognac Expert

What could be more mysterious than a beautifully packaged black box containing an exciting range of Cognacs to blind taste? Because that’s exactly what you get with our Cognac Calendar. 24 days of Cognac (each bottle is 30ml in size) with exclusive daily mini-podcasts featuring reams of unknown information and secrets from the Cognac producers themselves.

2021 Cognac Calendar Photoshoot
The exciting limited Cognac Calendar by Cognac Expert

They’re selling fast, so if you want to be part of the party (or give the most wonderful present on Christmas day to the Cognac aficionado in your life) then head over to our shop to find out more about the Cognac Calendar – Limited Edition by Cognac Expert.

4. D’Usse XO Cognac

The Black Legend from Croizet is reminiscent of a dark phantom, with its matte black billowing skirt looming beneath the magnificent chrome stopper. However, with its Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie and flavors of brandied cherries, tangerine zest, caramel, and dark chocolate, it’s one ghost we wouldn’t mind being haunted by.

Croizet Black Legend Cognac
Could it be any darker? The chilling look of Croizet Black Legend

Fall in love with the darkly handsome Croizet Black Legend.

5. Hennessy Black Cognac

This bottle doesn’t so much stand out as glower with its shimmering black and silver looks. The perfect Cognac for mixing, parties, and general all-around merriment, this VS is a hit with the younger, hip crowd.

You’ll certainly be a party favorite if you turn up with the eye-catching Hennessy Black

Embrace the dark and mysterious world of Hennessy Black.

6. Deau Black Cognac

Now we’re talking. A Cognac from one of our favorite houses, who can fail to be impressed by the sleek good looks of this decanter? Another multiple award winner, this Fine Champagne blend is delightfully floral, beautifully aged (it’s an XO), and so named because of the color of the tasting glasses used by the Master Blender when he chooses the eaux-de-vie that make up the blend.

Deau Black Cognac
The simply stunning presentation that is Deau Black

Discover more about the incredible Cognac that is Deau Black.

7. Larsen Viking Ship Black Cognac

Rumor has it that Black Beard himself swigged from this Larsen Black Viking Ship Carafe as he sailed the seven seas causing havoc to whoever he came across (but don’t quote us on that). The Cognac itself is not quite as terrifying as the deadly pirate however, on the contrary, this Fine Champagne blend is rather elegant with notes of lychee, vanilla, passion fruit, and violets.

Larsen Viking ship black
A striking collector’s Cognac

Find out more about the Larsen Viking Ship Black Cognac and all the others in Larsen’s range.

8. Bowen XO Gold’n Black Cognac

Whilst not as bold with its embracement of the black theme as the others on the list, the Bowen XO Gold’n Black deserves its place thanks to the unique and innovative presentation. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that this is a striking decanter—and we can tell you that the contents aren’t half bad too.

Bowen XO Gold'n Black
The aptly named Gold’n Black by Bowen

Discover more about the XO blend that is Bowen’s Gold’n Black.

9. Lheraud Vintage 1973 Bons Bois Cognac

This wonderful vintage is presented in a deliciously mysterious black matte bottle and presentation case—a perfect combination that hides the wonders of the amber nectar nestling within. The eau-de-vie hails from the Bons Bois terroir, one of the least known (and definitely underappreciated) of all the Cognac growth regions. This is an offering that’ll certainly appeal to the connoisseurs, and to anyone who’s looking to expand their repertoire into the wonderful world of Cognac.

Discover more about the Lheraud Vintage 1973 Bons Bois. And if you don’t fancy the 1973? Well, there’s plenty of other vintages to choose from.

10. Meukow VS 90 Cognac

Meukow certainly knew what they were doing when they teamed their iconic pouncing panther with the gleaming black of this instantly recognizable decanter. Its striking looks are only matched by the contents—a surprisingly smooth VS that marries beautifully with a cocktail or over ice.

The black panther bottle of Mekow 90

Find out more about the Meukow VS 90.

So there you have it, 10 Cognacs with a dark-side touch that, we think you’ll agree, certainly make a striking statement. Different in looks from your regular Cognac bottles and decanters, if you’re looking for a quirky angle on a great Cognac, then these sultry black bottles are right on target. So go on—embrace the darkness, close your eyes, and dive into the mysterious world of black Cognacs. 

We think you’ll be glad you did.

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10 Black Decanters For A Darker Side of Cognac

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