Here at Cognac Expert we are regularly reporting on the cognac craze currently sweeping China.  But we also get a large number of messages from importers in other Asian countries such as Vietnam and Singapore enquiring about export contacts.

Asia Pernod Ricard

So it’s no surprise to hear that yesterday (31st May) saw the city of Cognac and Michel Gourinchas playing host to a delegation of businessmen from Vietnam and China who were on the search for exporters of cognac.  After all – where better to come than the home of eaux-de-vie!

The group included Thieng Ngo, Chinese trader and consultant based in Paris, and Raoul Sinnouretty, who runs an import-export business in Vietnam.

And whilst everyone is concentrating on the massive increase of cognac exports to China, the figures released for April 2011 show that Singapore imported even greater amounts.  Whilst China imported 53 165 hectolitres (of pure alcohol), Singapore imported 67 842 – according to figures released by the BNIC.


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Vietnamese and Chinese on the Search for Exporters

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