Global Food & Wine Lifestyle Marketing Agency, Sopexa USA have just announced that the BNIC has renewed its current contract for a further three years. In addition to their duties of raising awareness about quality and mixability of Cognac, the BNIC has also added responsibility for public relations and social media strategy to the mix.

Pauline Oudin, Sopexa USA’s Managing Director, said. “The key differentiator in clinching this win is our unique approach to Social Media, with highly targeted influence programs.  Our PR talent has proven that we could also manage the BNIC’s PR initiatives.”


The objective of using the firm to raise awareness of eaux-de-vie is to develop stronger communication about the drink and create a separate product category for it in the USA.

Sopexa USA intends to use various methods in which to carry out this plan.  These include:

–  A strong digital strategy

–  Targeted media bureau services

–  Educational seminars for trade and mixologists, including the Guild of Sommeliers

– Various special events, including several cocktail week sponsorships in cities around the US.

–  Raising awareness about the e-learning platform:



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BNIC Renew Contract with Sopexa US

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