Poor Cognac Otard – it’s had a pretty tough time of it over the years.  Suffering from various mergers and acquisitions, it was eventually almost swallowed up by the giant Bacardi when the group took over Martini.

Baron Otard Fortis et Fidelis

It seemed doomed to remain a small enterprise, until Bacardi bought Grey Goose Vodka in 2007.  Now Jean-Michel Hardouin, who has worked for Bacardi for thirty years, is in charge of both (Baron) Otard and Grey Goose – with a total of eighty three employees.

It’s his job to now forge both companies ahead.  He said that the first job with Otard is to sort out the internal structure, and this includes distribution.  With the fast growing popularity of Grey Goose, he is hoping that Cognac Otard can also prove to grow in such a successful manner.  The only problem is that expansion might prove difficult, being as the Gensac factory is in a protected area.

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Sources: www.charentelibre.fr

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Things are looking up for Cognac Otard

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