Cognac tasting sheet: print the PDF and start your degustation

If you need some more structure for your Cognac tasting session, you might want to consider using a tasting sheet. Last time I tasted a Cognac (will be posting the report soon), such a “printable review pad” could have been useful.

We created one for you! Just print the PDF and place up to 4 snifters on the piece of paper, using it as a pad.

Cognac review in front of the fireplace - without the pad

If you are blind testing Cognac, ask someone to place the glasses (and you look away of course). Then the person should write down the name of the brand and the number which is in the circle.

Taste Cognac: forms for 4 snifters

And if you need some information about the degustation first, you find it here: How to taste Cognac.

Cognac lineup ready for degustation (pic andreasnilsson1976)

There is also a list of different notes and aromas, as an inspiration. Just in case if you ask yourself What kind of fruits are there again? or… This somehow tastes like wood, what kind of notes are there?

Between the circles, where you put the snifter, and the inspiration aromas – there is place for your notes.

Tasting sheet: get inspired by a list of different aromas

Print out the Cognac tasting sheet here. Of course, now you also need a pen, some different Cognac bottles and the right moment.

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