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Exclusive Interview with Ludacris: The Secret Formula of Conjure Cognac Revealed

It's officially a scoop. Cognac-Expert had the privilege of interviewing Ludacris (AKA Christopher Brian Bridges), where he revealed some things about Conjure Cognac. The US superstar, artist, actor, businessman and cognac lover took time out from the filming of his latest Hollywood blockbuster movie, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS 6, to give us the inside information that we've all been trying to find out about Conjure Cognac. We talked to Ludacris about his cognac brand’s new TV commercial, hip-hop &...
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James Bond, Ludacris and Lars von Trier: Cognac Product Placement in Movies

Movies can help to push a product. And Cognac product placement has tradition. Whether 007, Hennessy in a Lars von Trier's last movie or Ludacris sipping Birkedal Hartmann's Conjure Cognac: Hollywood places cognac. Let's have a look at this Conjure Cognac product placement in NO STRINGS ATTACHED with Ashton Kutcher. Let's think about it: This movie had a domestic total gross: $70,662,220 and worldwide $147,780,440 - that's a lot of eyes on one product. ...
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Snoop Dogg’s Landy product placement in “Luv Drunk” (video)

Cognac Expert reported about US rapper Snoop Dogg and his deal with Landy Cognac, that was in July. See our article about it, here. We also had seen Snoop in cooking shows and ads before, promoting the bottle - but now this collaboration is taken to the next level. So here is the first video where we see product placement of the Landy bottle. In the music video of his single “Luv Drunk” (featuring The Dream) we see quite some Landy Cognac...
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