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Whisky, Aging and Cognac: why whisky might have to change its format

It’s interesting that the cognac market has never really followed in the footsteps of whisky, preferring to stick to the age old descriptions of age in the form of VS, VSOP, XO and such like, rather than putting the ages of the products on the bottles themselves.  (Although Courvoisier have dabbled as such, with the creation of products such as the Courvoisier Vintage Connoisseur Collection 21 Years, amongst others.) So it’s interesting to read that Macallan Whisky have created a...
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A Very Different Chinese Ploy, + Nigeria’s Burgeoning Lust for Cognac

Whilst the cognac market in China remains buoyant, due to the slowdown of the country’s rich spending money on lavish purchases (thanks to a government crackdown), the cognac industry is looking at different ways to target this enormous potential market. According to industry experts, such as Frederic Beerens, Cognac Frapin’s Export Director for Asia Pacific, sales to the banqueting market have definitely reached a plateau. So, savvy exporters are targeting the retail market.  This is thanks to the Chinese adopting more...
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Giorgio Gucci Cognac Collection: Is it really worth $18 million dollars?

Well, there are certainly some high end cognacs out there, no-one can deny that.  After all, you only need to look at eaux-de-vie such as Louis XIII, or Hennessy’s Beaute du Siecle to know that they can command some eye wateringly high prices. However, when we reported about the Giorgio Gucci cognac collection that complements their fashion brand, Giorgio G, a few years back, we certainly didn’t expect to find out that they rated them in the same kind of...
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RISE ABOVE: Wings – The New Campaign for Martell XO

Last week, Cognac-Expert was lucky enough to attend the premiere of the RISE ABOVE by Martell: Wings campaign for Martell XO Cognac.  Held at the Pernod Ricard HQ in Paris, the film was shown to an industry exclusive crowd as a preview before going live. The film, by James Gray, takes the emblem of Martell – the swift – and pays tribute to the brand’s unique heritage.  Film maker Gray is known for previous creations such as We Own the...
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