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Our Visit to Camus Cognac Or How to Blend Your Own Cognac

By Max It was in May of this year when I had the chance of visiting the house of Camus Cognac, along with a group of my friends. We arrived at the location - Rue Margerite in Cognac, and were feeling pretty honored to be able to take advantage of this special tour, the Camus Master Class. We were met by Sylvie Perret who was very charming - Sylvie started the tour in the courtyard of a wonderful old Charantais building. And within this courtyard...
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Baileys XC – A new combination hits the shelves

As regular readers know, we love it when new Cognacs or Cognac related products hit the shelves. But we have to say, we’re not so sure about this one! Personally I am not a huge Baileys fan - just far too creamy. And bad youth/first-time-drinking-experience experience. Bailey XC : A Blend of Cream and Cognac Baileys - the whisky based cream liqueur - have just launched a new product: Baileys XC.  Described by them as “an innovation in drinks alchemy”, its...
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Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal launches in Europe

Check out what Cognac-Expert's Michelle reviewed for you: Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal! Since 1724 and for five generations the House of Rémy Martin have created Fine Champagne cognacs that have been driven by the quest to capture the Heart of Cognac. Due to its success in the United States, Rémy Martin lovers will be very pleased to hear that 1738 Accord Royal has now reached Europe, where of course it was created in the first place. Cellar master Georges...
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Frapin celebrates: Multimillesime No. 6 Cognac Limited Edition & New Cellars

There's big news at the house of Cognac Frapin. They have just released the latest new cognac in their Multimillesime range – the Multimillesime No. 6. And they inaugurated a new location for their cellars - the treasure chest where the eau-de-vie gets aged. As the name suggests, this is the sixth expression in the series, and it’s been created using Grande Champagne vintage cognacs from the years 1986, 1988, and 1991. We’ve not yet had a chance to taste...
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Cocoyak: A blend of Cognac and Coconut, courtesy of rapper Shaggy

We love new products, but we have to say, we’re not entirely sure about combining the wonder that is eau-de-vie with coconut! But hey, stranger things have proven popular, so perhaps the collaboration between cognac and the US rapper Shaggy, might be a hit in some circles. Cocoyak is presented in a flashy looking bottle (actually, it looks kind of like an aftershave), that blends the palm tree fruit with cognac. And it’s brought to the market spearheaded by the rap star Shaggy,...
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