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Introducing Delamain Cognac: A history dating back to 1759

If you’ve not yet familiar with Delamain Cognac, then we have to say, you’re in for a treat.  With a history that can be traced back to the 1600s, Delamain could, quite legitimately, be considered Cognac royalty. Find all Delamain Cognacs in our online shop. This is a house that prides itself in producing Cognacs that are somewhat out of the ordinary. Even their regular range of Cognacs is pretty special, with the lowest quality being an XO. But where...
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11 Flashiest Cognacs and Cognac-Associated Products

BLING-BLING - Nothing says wealth like the clink of expensive bottles, especially in the world of rap. And it’s not just any old spirit that expresses that special ‘je ne sais quoi’, illustrating all the flamboyant spending that bling-bling embodies – Cognac, in this case, really is king! Dropping names is part and parcel of a rapper’s job, and that being said, Hennessy is by far the most mentioned libation. Other cognacs have followed suit, flowing through sumptuous music videos...
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Sophie’s Visit to the Hennessy 8 Launch

I have to say, I was really excited to be invited to the official launch of Hennessy 8 in Los Angeles. After all, what else can a girl ask for? The chance to be present at a piece of Hennessy history, the chance to dress up, and the chance to mingle with Hollywood and Cognac royalty – what’s not to like? Hennessy 8 is a pretty outstanding product. Only 250 decanters have been produced globally – so it’s going to be...
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Camus Baccarat Hors d’Age Cognac

A reader has a cognac bottle of Camus Baccarat Hors d'Age at home. The bottle is located in Beverly Hills, California. The Reader writes "I inherited the Cognac from a relative that recently passed away. It is in perfect condition, in its presentation red box, together with its certification that says in written hand that it is Decanter number 1847 out of 5000. It was certainly given to him as a gift." (If you also have a Cognac bottle you would...
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L’Essence de Courvoisier Cognac: Napoleon Collector Limited Edition

When it comes to Cognacs that are collector’s items plus being in a price range that many can afford, then L’Essence de Courvoisier has to be one of them. Originally released in 2011, this unique blend is a combination of rare eau-de-vies that date back to the early 1900s. This year Courvoisier introduces a limited edition of its L’Essence in $3,500 crystal decanters by Baccarat. The edition features an engraved image of Napoleon on a horse. The final creation of the house’s fifth...
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