With December well underway, we’re slap bang in the middle of the festive season. No doubt you, like us, are looking forward to a little well-earned R&R over the holidays. This, naturally, might involve a degree of imbibing in our favorite drink. Perfectly timed for the holiday season, the launch of the innovative Camus Port Cask Finish: Batch 2 Cognac, means we can further extend our repertoire with a delicious new take on a rather delicious Cognac.

Camus Port Cask Finish II and Our Favorite Seasonal Cognacs
Camus have released a limited edition 2nd batch of their delicious Port Cask Finish Cognac. Image credit: kissmychef.com

You may well be aware that Camus created a world-first when they launched their Port Cask Finish Cognac that is, as the name gives away, finished in wooden casks that previously held port. This unique take led to an extraordinarily aromatic Cognac that combines elements of both sweet and spicy.

So popular was this Cognac that the family-run house has now brought a second edition to market, the Camus Port Cask Finish Cognac: Batch 2. The eaux-de-vie have been selected by Cellar Master, Patrick Leger, and chosen specifically for their aromatic potential, before being aged in lightly toasted limousin oak barrels and then transferred into tawny port barrels to finish off the aging process.

Camus Port Cask Finish II and Our Favorite Seasonal Cognacs
The Cognac is well presented—making it the perfect gift. Image credit: just-drinks.com

It’s a limited run, with only 18,000 bottles being made available, and, in keeping with the Camus philosophy, the wine is distilled on the lees to bring out the ultimate in flavors and aromas. At 43.2% ABV, this is a great Cognac to enjoy in many different ways—perhaps chilled over ice, in a cocktail, or gently hand warmed after a sumptuous Christmas dinner. Even the presentation provides a nod towards the festivities, with an updated bottle design sporting deep red and metallic gold that beautifully complements the liquid within.

Camus Port Cask Finish II and Our Favorite Seasonal Cognacs
The color scheme is the perfect complement for the festive season. Image credit: kissmychef.com

The ultimate seasonal Cognacs

With the launch of the latest Camus port finished Cognac, it got us thinking about other unique offerings that combine some of the favorite seasonal drinks with the delights of what is surely the most iconic of all French drinks.

It’s common to see bottles of Cognac finished whisky or Cognac finished scotch,  but such innovations are not often seen in the world of eau-de-vie. Courvoisier hit the headlines with their Master’s Cask Collection Sherry Cask Finish Cognac, and of course, there’s the delicious Bache Gabrielsen American Oak that’s aged in Tennessee oak barrels, but apart from that such offerings are pretty thin on the ground.

Camus Port Cask Finish II and Our Favorite Seasonal Cognacs
Bache Gabrielsen American Oak is one of a handful of Cognacs finished in barrels of a different spirit

However, we can’t fail to mention the boundaries pushed with the launch of the Martell Blue Swift, an “eaux-de-vie-de-vin” VSOP that’s aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels.

Camus Port Cask Finish II and Our Favorite Seasonal Cognacs
Martell Blue Swift: An innovative eau-de-vie-de-vin

Another seasonal offering from one of the “big 4” is the Remy Martin XO Christmas 2019 Limited Edition Cognac.This seasonal iteration will be sought after by collector’s around the world, either to drink or to hoard as an extra-special addition to any fine liquor assemblage.

Camus Port Cask Finish II and Our Favorite Seasonal Cognacs
The limited edition Remy Martin Christmas XO 2019

Alternative Cognac-infused festive delights

While we all love to indulge in a quality Cognac, be it straight, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, there’s plenty of other ways to ensure the holiday season has a distinctly Cognac-esque theme.

From brandy butter to mince pies, and even an ultra-flamboyant centerpiece by which you can flambé’ your turkey in eau-de-vie on the big day, there’s a multitude of methods you can infuse the joy of Cognac into many different aspects of the holidays. Check out our article, Christmas Is Coming & Cognac Is The Perfect Way To Celebrate for more inspiration.

Camus Port Cask Finish II and Our Favorite Seasonal Cognacs
Infusing your Christmas pudding with Cognac is a luxury, as is dousing it and setting it alight in the traditional manner

However (and whichever) festivities you celebrate over the next few weeks, we wish you and your loved ones the happiest of times. And if those joyous times are oiled with the odd sip of your favorite French drink, then think of us, raising a glass to you, from rural France. As we’re sure you’re more than aware, it’s the perfect lubrication for all celebrations, large and small. Enjoy…

Sources: thedrinksreport.com, just-drinks.com

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Camus Port Cask Finish II and Our Favorite Seasonal Cognacs

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