You’d have to be blind not to know there’s a royal wedding due to take place in England.  In a month’s time, the heir to the throne, Prince William will marry Kate Middleton in Westminster Abbey, London.

Prince William and Kate

And it’s been revealed that there will not be one royal wedding cake, but two!  The first is a traditional multi-tiered cake which is being provided by Leicestershire based cake designer, Fiona Cairns.  The white and cream cake will represent all parts of the United Kingdom; the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the Welsh daffodil and the Irish shamrock.

The secret ingredient of the fruit cake which will add that little touch of va-va-voom is, of course, cognac.

Grace Kelly's Royal Wedding Cake

The second cake is a throwback to Prince Williams’s childhood.  UK biscuit manufacturer McVitie’s will produce a special chocolate biscuit cake using a special recipe from the kitchens of Buckingham Palace.


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Royal Wedding Cake of Prince William & Kate Middleton: Cognac Infused

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    Cognac has long been used in baking, it’s natural grape qualities can enhance the flavours and greatly enrich the cake generally. One should be aware though that most commercial cognacs contain added sugar syrup and caramel which may distract from the true flavour. Pure cognacs such as those in the Hermitage range have been used with great success and are to be highly reccomended.

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    One could be uncharitable and say that even the worst cognac should be better than for being used in a cake. But no-one is suggesting that the “happy couple” have any taste or am I just being my usual grumpy self…?

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