For those of you living on antipodean shores, you will be delighted to hear that after a break of nearly two years, Remy Martin VS Cognac is once more officially on sale once again.

Remy Martin VS Australia

The VS re-joins the VSOP and XO back on Australian shelves, and this premium, entry level cognac is only available in select markets throughout the world.  It has not been available in Australia since Suntory took over the distribution from Beam Global in April 2009.

Jeremy Church, Remy Martin’s Assistant Brand Manager says he is pleased that Australians can now avail themselves to the full compliment of Remy Martins Cognacs, and the re-introduction of the VS means the Aussies can now forge ahead with using cognac in both cocktails and mixed drinks.

And that’s gotta be fair dinkum, mate!

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Remy Martin VS returns Down Under

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