Last week, we were invited to an exceptional journey: the discovery of Cask 42,6 Cognac”>Louis XIII Rare Cask 42, 6 in the heart of cognac. Thanks again for this wonderful invitation from Rémy Martin.

In this cognac discovery, we visited the Rémy Martin headquarters and Club, both located located in the town of Cognac, and were treated to dinner there.

Article written by Peng, who writes for our Chinese editon

The second day saw us visiting Rémy Martin’s Grande Champagne vineyard and the cognac cellar in Merpins. This was wonderful, but for us the most important part of this discovery was our meeting and lunch with Remy cellar master, Pierrette Trichet.


This took place in Domaine du Grollet, in the town of Saint-Même-Les-Carrieres. As well as Pierrette, Deputy Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau also joined us, making for a wonderful chance to discuss many topics based around our mutual love of cognac.  And naturally we took the opportunity to ask many questions – including ones that might touch on the controversial side …

When asked about using cognac as an element in cocktails, Pierrette said, “What is important for a cognac cocktail is that the first thing you must taste is the aroma of cognac.”

However, one of the highlights for us was the moment when we got to taste the Louis XIII rare cask 42,6.  And this took place in the very cellar where this rare cask was born, a mysterious cellar with thick dust and cobwebs was where Pierrette Trichet explained to us how the 42,6 came about.


“As is usual, In autumn of 2009, I tasted all the cognacs in the cellar, and I noticed a particular tierçon that I had marked a cross with chalk.  On tasting I found that it really did have unique and special aromas … even my memories are not enough to specify them. I re-tasted it and I said, yes , yes!  I continued to allow it to age, and in 2012, along with Baptiste, we both decided that the famous balance point had been reached. It was the harmony that we were looking for … this was the birth of Rare Cask 42.6, so named as its alcohol is 42,6%.”

Under the instruction of Pierrette, we then all tasted this classic cognac, with the cellar master explaining.

“It really needs the time to discover the complexity of Louis XIII…  I can smell the autumn fruit aromas, which really guide my choice to the notes of nuts and figs, which make you remember your childhood.”

Baptiste Loiseau continued to lead our exploration of this mysterious cognac, saying,

“and after this comes the fruity tones; plum, jam, dried fruit, notes of dates ….

Louis XIII is a blend of about 1,200 eaux-de-vie, 100 years in the making, the reward is a cognac of truly extraordinary aromatic richness and complexity, notes of plums and dates mingling with flavours of gingerbread, prune stone and ginger, punctuated by a final touch of tobacco leaf.

There will never be more than 738 decanters of Rare Cask 42,6, and each will be serial numbered. Black crystal is Rare Cask’s signature, expressed in a decanter that tests the skill of Baccarat’s crystal masters to the very limit of their craft. Twenty craftsmen work together on each decanter.

The precious metal that defines LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 42,6 is rose gold, in brightly sensual contrast to the dark opulence of black crystal. A rose gold decor dresses the neck of the decanter with a delicate decoration of quadrilobe motifs, crowned by a black crystal stopper that the coffret presents like a precious jewel.


The coffret itself is sealed with a gilded rose gold plaque, and opens to a display of light on the crystal details within.  To possess one such decanter is a privilege beyond all reckoning.

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