So, ladies…  If the art of seduction wasn’t hard enough, Remy Martin have come up with a way to sexily drink cognac and lure the man of your dreams at the same time.

The cognac giant asked a group of design students to come up with a way that ladies can sip cognac without having to use a regular balloon glass, because apparently using one of these is not seen as sexy enough.

Asked to combine the bottle, decanter and a way to drink cognac in one, the students came up with the Remy Martin Cognac Glass Ring and Cognac Glass Necklace.  Basically, these are items of jewellery with a small glass attached, from which you can sample your eaux-de-vie.

Remy Martin Glass Cognac Rings – The art of seduction…?
Remy Martin Glass Cognac Rings – The art of seduction…?


Well, we don’t know about you, but using this as a method of seduction certainly isn’t the easiest.  And how on earth can you wear one for any length of time and not manage to drip the precious contents all over your carefully chosen outfit?


But hey, if Remy Martin were merely after a cognac product that was a real talking point, then they’ve certainly achieved their goal.

Read more about the brand of Remy Martin Cognac here.

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Remy Martin Glass Cognac Rings – The art of seduction…?

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