We all know that China and various other markets are now the big players in the cognac stakes, and sales India are also fast on the increase.  And because of this, it seems that Remy Cointreau is taking a slightly different approach to gaining a bigger slice of the Indian market – and that’s by targeting premium level local brandies.

India is one of the fastest growing spirit markets right now, and it appears that Remy Cointreau are going to market India specific spirits – including brandy – to satisfy the demand of rich cognac consumers in the country.

Remy Cointreau Taking the Local Route to India

Remy Cointreau have joined forces with Sula Vineyards, and together have forged a relationship with Century Wines at Baramati (a grape farming strip in Maharashtra) to deal with bottling issues.  They can then offer premium brandies at an affordable price to the top end of the consumer market.

It’s understandable that Remy Cointreau is looking for further ways to increase sales in this area of the world.  A recent International Wine and Spirits Research report projected a 12.8 per cent year on year growth.  And with current sales due to surpass 45 million cases this year, this growth is extremely significant.  Brandies have a higher average sales value in India than whisky or rum, and the compounded average growth rate has exceeded 20 per cent over the past five years.  Other major players in the Indian spirit market, such as Radico Khaitan and United Spirits, have already launched premium locally produced brandies to the market to great success.

It appears that the collaboration between Remy Cointreau and Sula Vineyards is already well cemented, with the companies having sourced grapes for the first distillation.  However, names and specifics are still being kept under wraps.

Remy’s investment into India, and the grape industry in particular, couldn’t come at a better time.  The grape farming industry made some serious over-investment in recent years, having over-estimated the impact Indian wines would have on the world.  Currently sales of Indian wine are below 2 million cases per year, and the grape farmers are struggling.  This latest development will see Remy Cointreau committing further into the Indian market and economy.

The company already incorporated a wholly owned Indian subsidiary a couple of years back, so this new initiative could well put Remy Cointreau in a strong position for a further push into the Indian market.

Sources: economictimes.indiatimes.com

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Remy Cointreau Taking the Local Route to India

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