Here comes an old bottle of R. Leon Croizet Grande Champagne one of our readers has at home. Our reader also sent us the letter he received from Croizet’s side, which we show here further below. It says “recolte 1830”, that means harvest 1830… that’s a long time ago.

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The history of Croizet was unfortunately somewhat neglected by the
previous owners (company was sold in June 2007) so I am afraid that
there is little information on these old products.  From what I have
managed to find out by going through the archives, this style of
labeling begins appearing during the late 1930,s and continued up
until the early 1950s. Then it was replaced by a more modern

Croizet 1830 Bottle

Although the Croizet brand has been a little dormant in the past few
decades, it used to be a very important brand in the cognac industry.
We have records from 1899 which shows for example Croizet as the 6th
most important exporter from the port of La Rochelle (through which
all exports passed at the time).  I attach a photo of the distribution
company in New York back in 1939.

Croizet Grande Champagne Old Bottle

As for what is in the bottle, you have what is called a
‘Pre-Phylloxera’ cognac, that is to say one of the original cognacs
produced before the entire region was wiped out in the late 19th
century.  Given the numerous prizes won by Cognac Croizet during this
century, it could be argued that you have one of the rarest cognacs in
existence in your possession (collector value, historical interest,
incredible unique style and taste,…). The problem with these ‘museum’
pieces is that there is no real and ready market for them like the
fine wine market – this is always a shame for us cognac aficionados as
the prices got at auction do not do the cognacs justice.

I hope that this is of interest to you. For a little more information
on the brand have a look at our new website. It will give you a little
more history and idea about the brand itself. For your information a
cognac that was part of Léonie Croizet’s dowry in 1891 (from the 1858
harvest) is current on the MGM Macao drinks list approximately 50,000
US dollars! (per bottle).  I must admit that this is very unusual and
there is a whole marketing plan around this, but it shows what some
people are ready to pay for a taste of history.

I hope that one day, when the time is right, you will open the bottle
and drink it with a group of deserving friends and family.

Cognacs were made to be drunk, they were always made for pleasure!

So that’s the letter. Please comment, and for those collectors out there, make your offers.

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R. Leon Croizet Cognac 1830 Grande Champagne

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    This bottle of cognac is in very poor condition, the seal appears damaged and consequently, the cognac (spirit), has evaporated. It is however interesting since Croizet would never put a date on bottles before 1858 since they had some difficulties with the authorities and although they had a substantial cellar, most of it has now gone. It is indeed correct to say that the firm was sold, it was sold to the Russians by the last owners, the Eymards. Philipe is, as far as we know still alive but has given up all interests in cognac. The value of the bottle will be very low due to the condition. As specialist in pre-phylloxera cognacs, we would not be interested in this bottle and almost certainly, it would be best to try it and if OK, drink it whilst it is still in a reasonable condition. Good Luck!
    You can see more old cognacs on our web site.

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    I would like to make you a offer contact me at [email protected] (Comment by Admin: Dear James, please make your offer here in this post, rather than posting your email address. Thank you for your understanding)
    Kind regards, James

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    I think this bottle of cognac is excellent, well-maintained.
    Why say a low value? I have a mini bottle of this product. I think this is very rare bottle, and has a high value.
    Who can give the real price of this bottle? $$$???

    And company Cognac Croizet was sold to Russia?

  4. Avatar

    Dear commentors above

    In reference to your comments above that this is not worth it. That is a subjective opinion and I head the sales of it directly to MGM Macau and they have reserved 100s of these bottles and the price is actually going up due to such demand for the 1858, the Chinese pay and on sept. 24 in shanghai you will see a demonstration of this when the price will exceed 1 million rmb about 100’000 euros per bottle. The 1858 we sell comes from our cellars is quality controlled and fully certified by the top cognac expert in France whose word is also adhered to in the French law courts regarding appellations.

    The Market exists for such an exclusive cognac and yes there are a few hundred left which is exactly why the prices are climbing basic economies of scale. In Europe not many people can buy this cognac bit the Chinese can and do regularly due to have the commercial power and increasing sophistication to enjoy such rare cognac.

    My advice to the above is know your Market before you make such bold statements and also know our company properly for the historical brand it is.

    The cognac we sell from the 1858 harvest has been withdrawn commercially for a month due to our international event where this cognac will be celebrated in china with very wealthy and powerful VIPs that appreciate the brand !

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