On April 29, the first official step began for the ambitious renovation of the Monnet winery in Cognac, Charente.  With the first building permit filed, it is now up to the company, Terriade, to move this project forward to build the first stage, which includes the hotel and tourist complex.  This should be completed by the year 2014.

The Monnet Project (Charente Libre)

Terriade’s owner, Jean-Yves Pierre, met with the Mayor of Cognac, Michael Gourinchas and architect Mathieu Puig to go over the details with a fine toothcomb.  Once done, the next step is for the building plans to be accepted and for the final details of the financing to be put in place.

If all goes well, the first deeds of sale should be signed in autumn 2012 and the first part of the renovation completed in 2014.

Phase one would see the central wineries converted into 100 apartments, a bar, restaurant, lounge and spa.  There would also be a conference room, reception rooms and a mini-museum dedicated to Jean Monnet.

It’s hoped that the newly renovated site will attract many foreign visitors, business seminars and families who wish to holiday in this wonderful and historic region of France.

Sources: www.charentelibre.fr

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Project Monnet turns Winery into Tourist Attraction

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