One of our reader has a Cognac bottle, he sent some nice pictures; and he needs some information about cognac: A Grande Fine Champagne Otard Vintage bottle. Who can help?
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I’m hoping to learn a little more about the following bottle of Cognac I purchased at an Estate Sale.

The following bottle reads, “Otard Francois I Brand Cognac, Grande Fine Champagne. 80 Proof, Product of France 4/5 quart. Bottled by Cognac Otard, S.A. Cognac France.

Otard Vintage

Sole agents in USA, Schenley Import Corp, N.Y., N.Y.” The bottle features a silver collar (tag) that reads Cognac Otard, Chateau De Cognac.

Otard Vintage

The gold tag around the neck of the bottle reads, “The House of OTARD proudly presents its masterpiece of Cognac perfection. A Grande Champagne Cognac known as Francois I Brand, especially chosen from the rarest stores of premium cognacs slowly maturing in oak casks deep in the cellars of the Chateau de Cognac, birthplace of Francois I.

Otard Box

The beautiful Baccarat Crystal decanter is truly an authentic collectors item, designed and executed by Baccarat of France, exclusively for Otard. It is altogether fitting that the House of OTARD should have selected Baccarat, famed throughout the world for the excellence of its crystal, as the most fitting decanter for the presentation of their finest cognac. Two outstanding examples of French charm, elegance, and perfection.” Cognac Otard S.A.

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Francois I. went to New York: Otard' Grande Fine Champagne Cognac

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  1. Avatar

    This is a magnificent cognac. Probably there are a very few bottles in movement. I would say that this bottle is made for a special or affluent person. Love me to have this, contact with me please…

  2. Avatar
    stevan young

    I have the exact same bottle that i inherited from my father when he passed away. It is in the same condition as the one pictured above. What is this bottle worth. I would like to sell mine.

  3. Avatar
    stevan young

    I forgot to mention that my father worked for Schenley at their plant in Lawrenceburg Indiana. Thanks

  4. Avatar

    I have a similare bottle. Who knows the value? I’d like to sell it.

  5. Avatar
    ken ulansey

    I also have two of these, still in the box, inherited from my grandfather. I’d be very curious to hear of their value. Thanks… Kenny [email protected]

  6. Avatar

    if you have a bottle you want to sell please respond in this post. thanks

  7. Avatar
    ken ulansey

    I could be enticed to sell one of our two bottles, but no one on this list has ventured a guess as to a fair price.

  8. Avatar

    For Roman,

    I’m available to sell my bottle.
    Please confirm me if you are still interested on it.

  9. Avatar

    yes i am $300 if level is ok, please post picture showing the level

  10. Avatar

    I still have my bottle as pictured above and no one has ventured an educated guess as to its value. Is there anyone who knows the value of this cognac.hannk you.

  11. Avatar

    Stevan, there is no absolute value on a cognac… value is what buyers are willing to offer. On a unique bottle like this the database of sales is minimal so the “value” is even more difficult to establish.
    I have offered $700 for this bottle if the level is good and bottle in top condition.
    Let me know if interested.

  12. Avatar
    xavier eboli

    I have the exact bottle as shown along with the ornate yellow box. I am interested in selling it if the price is right. I have seen this in a liquor store retailing for $1800. if interested–contact me.

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