The ambitious restoration of the old Monnet Winery in Cognac is definitely dividing people into two separate camps – the ‘for’ group and the ‘against.’

Opposition Grows Over Restoration of Monnet Cellars

Although those who think the project should be abandoned fall into the minority, they still have a large voice and are saying that things should be stopped before it is too late.  When being confronted with past failures as examples, the Mayor of Cognac – Michel Gourinchas – says that they cannot take these into account.  He also said that if they give up on the project now, they could never do anything else.

A lot of the worries are coming from a similar format to that which will be created by the winery – GT Holidays.  The company went into receivership last November and this is casting doubts as to the financial soundness of the project.

However, Jeremy Fouquet, Business Development Manager of the project, said that they still believe 200% in the project – the potential is huge.  He promises that by late June or early July that the name of the developer will be released to the public, and that will put a stop to the controversy.


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Opposition Grows Over Restoration of Monnet Cellars

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