A reader just sent us pictures of his beautiful Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac bottle. And to be honest, we haven’t seen anything like it before in our ‘Your Bottle?’ section.

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Prince Hubert Old Cognac Bottle

The front of the bottle has the brand name in raised glass lettering across the base.

A latin motto appears in three words on a flag across the bottle face: “Sacer Custos Pacis”. A pair of Griffons face away from each other
above this lettering.

Prince Hubert stopper

The word “COGNAC” appears in all capitals between the name on the brand name across the base and the latin motto. The top of the bottle may have been opened, but seems to be a type of foil retaing a cork.

The rear of the bottle shows a  shield with three horizontal rows of bars. The base has a rectangular paper sticker, stating brand and France as origin. Also stating ‘shipped by sole agents White Favell Vintners Ltd. London EC4’

Label of old Prince Hubert Polignac Cognac bottle

If you are interested in this bottle, please comment – if you should have an opinion or any additional information about the cognac, please share. Thank you.

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Old Prince Hubert de Polignac

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    This is an attractive bottle and certainly most unusual. The cognac is made by a cooperative of around 3500 growers, 20% come from the Grande Champagne, Petitr Champagne and Borderies, 45% in the Fins Bois and the rest from the bos Bois. In 1947 the ancient family of Polignac allowed the Cooperative called Unicoop to use their name on the cognacs supplied by the cooperative. It is likely that this bottle is before 1947 but its conten ts will b e a blend of cognacs from the early par of the twentieth century. The contents are very unlikely to b of any real interest since thre is no date. The valaue is very much in the bottle rather than the cognac within but it may be worth of the order of £200 on it’s novelty value. A better valuation may be available from Brandyclassics with a sighting of the bottle.

  2. Avatar
    Marie French

    I just bought one of these bottles at an estate sale. It was empty but it has a glass stopper shaped like a crown in the top and its energy indicated it was special.

    Very nice addition to my collection.

  3. Avatar

    I have a tin that a bottle of cognac would have come in has anyone any idea on the value??

  4. Avatar

    Any full bottle seal for sale let me know
    I want to buy pm me

  5. Avatar
    Jason blax

    Hi Mike I have what your looking for if u still interested. 5 yrs late but it’s even older nowm lol.

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