Terminal One. The cognac boutique is located at the arrival area of the Hong Kong International airport.

Pernod Ricard launched its first Martell Experience Boutique partnering with Sky Connection.
Martell launches experience boutique at Hong Kong airport
The unique element of the store is the Martell Discovery Table: It allows to see certain tasting aromas for every Martell cognac and eaux-de-vie blend. The tasting-bar is a prototype, the roll-out will follow in the coming years. Several locations will be added.

Martell launches experience boutique at Hong Kong airport

The interactive concept: Interested voyagers can discover the products, learn about the production process, the history of the Cognac house etc.

Passengers can even get their individual bottle: There is an engraving service for the L’Or de Jean Martell decanters.

Martell launches experience boutique at Hong Kong airport

Martell & Co chairman and CEO Lionel Breton comments:

“It is an incredibly exciting opportunity to be launching our first Martell Experience Boutique in partnership with Sky Connection. Through this Martell dedicated space in duty-free we want our consumers to enter a world of luxury and exclusiveness and we believe we have created the perfect area for travellers to do this.”

And Pernod Ricard Duty Free Asia director Thibaut de Poutier adds:

“Hong Kong is one of the busiest Asia airports; the boutique is an ideal showcase to convey Martell’s brand image and create strong appeal to our cognacs. Asia is the number one market in terms of value for Cognac. The average Chinese consumer has become more of a connoisseur, and it is important for Martell to differentiate itself. The customers want to understand the brand, the history and the heritage, and that’s what we tried to achieve with this new Martell Experience Boutique.”

Martell launches experience boutique at Hong Kong airport

The trend is obviously taking a direction to experience and event shops. Courvoisier announced lately to strengthen their marketing activities including Le Nez du Courvoisier.

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Martell launches experience boutique at Hong Kong airport

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  1. Avatar

    Interesting, this experience event character. I would love to experience the Nez du Couvoisier because I will probably never get to Hong Kong.

    I think it is quite a smart thing to launch such tasting learn instruments or at least those are instruments which make consumers more understand Cognac.

    While wine is ‘easier’ to taste and to judge on, Cognac is highly complex. It takes apparently more than 2 years to start to distinguish between Cognacs.

    If there is anyone who experienced Le Nez Du Courvoisier or this Martell experience boutique – would love to hear how it’s like!

  2. Avatar
    Hendrik J

    I tried this Nez du Courvoisier and I just didn’t really get it. I guess I don’t have that nose. Someone there told me you need at least 2 years to become a real connaisseurs. that time I do not have… all those fruits and aromas – I could not really feel them.

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