If you fancy seeing a master chef at work, along with the Atelier Martell Cognac Trunk, then head for the famous Harrods department store in London.

Raymond Blanc is hosting the first ever ‘live dining experience’ in the stores Brompton Road windows.  Teaming up with Martell Cognac the French chef will be hosting a celebrity studded craftsman dinner on October 18th 2011.

Martell Trunk

The chosen few will be wined and dined in full public view, enjoying a four course meal.  After that, Martell Cellar Master, Benoit Fil, will offer the guests cognac tastings and showcase the Pinel & Pinel Martell Trunk.

The event is to promote both Martell and French craftsmanship to the UK market.  James Robinson, ambassador for Martell said, “We are delighted with the creation of Atelier Martell in the Harrods windows and the live dining experience hosted by Raymond Blanc will be a fantastic opportunity for us to share the world of Martell and the art of cognac with a wider audience.”

If you wish to purchase the Martell Trunk, it’s on sale for a cool £200,000 only from Harrods.  However, if you prefer just to catch a glimpse instead, it’s on display in the windows of the store until October 22nd 2011.

Sources: www.harpers.co.uk

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Martell and Raymond Blanc mix it up at Harrods

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