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250 Years of Hine Cognac

Reaching your 250th birthday is not something to be taken lightly, and this Sunday (9th June), sees the beginning of the celebrations at Hine Cognac that mark this momentous occasion.

A selection of guests have been invited, including Cognac Expert, to the docks at Jarnac for an event that celebrates both their anniversary and the specialty ‘early landed’ cognacs that Hine is famous for.


Two cognacs will be tasted; the first being a vintage 1983 that was aged in Hine’s Jarnac cellars.  The other is exactly the same cognac, stored in an identical barrel, but aged in Bristol, England.

The reason for the varied difference in taste is down to the humidity and temperature, according to Per Evan Allaire, Brand Ambassador and Sales Manager for Hine Cognac.  “In the UK, where humidity can reach 95 per cent and the temperature never exceeds 10 – 12 degrees Celsius, cognac takes on the freshest of flavours.”

Sixty guests have been invited to the event, which will be chaired by Michael Hermet of Cheval Blanc at Nimes.  We’re really excited about this, and will report on the tasting after the event.

The whole month of June is set aside for Hine to celebrate their 250th anniversary (even though the cognac house is currently up for sale).  This includes various exhibitions, gala evenings and product launches.  June 15th sees the house unveiling a new cognac.  As is fitting for the occasion only 250 are being produced, each presented in a carafe created by a mysterious ‘famous designer.’

Following the month of celebrations in France, the festivities will continue during the autumn with tours to London, New York, Moscow and Hong Kong.

Hennessy’s Deepest Darkest Secrets

No-one can deny that the history of the house of Hennessy is long, convoluted and most definitely intriguing.  So when they announce that on June 15th and 16th that the doors of three of its iconic sites are to be opened to the public for the very first time, then we at Cognac Expert jumped at the chance to visit.

The first location is Le Chai du Fondateur – a secret cellar where some of Hennesy’s most unique and old eaux-de-vies are stored.  Famous people have been honoured to visit here, including one of the UK’s most iconic figures – the Queen Mother.  Cognacs are stored here in the darkness in both barrels and demi johns, each carefully chalked with the name and date of storage.  The oldest eaux-de-vie here dates to 1800, and the whole collection through the ages reflects the work of seven generations of the cognac mastership of the Fillioux family.

Le Grand Bureau de Dégustation – the tasting room – is where every morning the seven members of the tasting committee assemble to taste, create and make decisions about various different eaux-de-vies.  During 11:00 to 13:00 each day, between forty to seventy samples are tasted, and these might be cognacs aged from last year, right back to the year 1800.  An amazing job, we have to admit.

The last location is the Old Bottling Plant at Rue de la Richonne, along the banks of the Charente River.  Now used for special functions and concerts, this location offers a wonderful photo and archive footage walk through the history of Hennessy Cognac.

It’s possible to book a tour on


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Events for us: Hennessy's Secret Cellars & Hine 250 Years Anniversary

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