If you’ve got a sweet tooth, not to mention a few dollars to spare, then head on over to The Palazzo Hotel’s Sweet Surrender store in Las Vegas, USA, where you can get your hands on what is probably the world’s most expensive cupcake.

Created by French pastry chef, Johann Springinsfeld, this is not so much a morsel that you eat when peckish, but a work of art.  Springinsfeld has combined Tahitian vanilla butter cream, Venezuelan chocolate, gold leaf and Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac to create the masterpiece he’s entitled, Decadence D’Or.

Louis XIII now in Cupcake Form (but it will cost you $750…)


Beautiful to look at, the cupcake consists of a sponge cake “baked to perfection,” and is then topped with a hand-blown sugar fleur de lys that’s filled with Louis XIII Cognac.  (Phew, and we thought it was going to be mixed into the cake itself….  After the Dragon Dog – the Louis XIII hot dog sold in Vancouver, Canada – nothing would surprise us).


Louis XIII now in Cupcake Form (but it will cost you $750…)

And although the store declines to say how many it sells per year, it has been on the menu since 2009.  If you’d like one, then you must order at least 48 hours in advance, and you can expect your cognac and gold leaf delicacy to be served on a crackled gold glass plate and bowl.  And judging by the pictures, it’d be a shame to eat it, in our humble opinion…

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Louis XIII now in Cupcake Form (but it will cost you $750…)

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