And another bottle for our “You’ve got a bottle?” section: A reader sent his Martell Medallion bottle. Any ideas?

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This bottle was given to my mother as a present some time in the 1950’s in Australia, she is not sure exactly when.  It was given to her by an elderly gentleman who said that it was already then quite old – the bottle of cognac, not the man himself!

Martell Medallion

The bottle and label are in good shape.  There is no number anywhere that I can see on the label.  The label says J&F Martell, Medallion Fine Champagne Liqueur Brandy Cognac, V.S.O.P.  The seal and cork are intact, but again no number.

Further: Established in 1715 in the reign of Louis XIV. Bottled in France, 1 Pint.

label Martell Medallion

We are looking for information about this cognac, age, if it is worth anything or has any value.  Any information is much appreciated.

As always: Thank you for your comments!

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J&F Martell VSOP: Medallion Fine Champagne Liqueur Brandy Cognac

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    Tara Sasso

    The labels states V.S.O.P. which means it had to be aged in a barrel for a minimum of 4 years. Fine Champagne is a combination of the two best growth regions in Cognac (Grande Champagne – the premiere cru and Petitie Champagne). Once a cognac is bottled, it no longer ages. So while it might have been bottled years and years ago, the cognac is still only a 4 year old Cognac.

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    True, but still it could have a certain collector’s value some people are ready to pay. The bottle can be 50 years old, but as you say correctly, the cognac doesn’t age anymore once it’s bottled.

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    I’ll buy them from you. contact me at [email protected] (Comment by Admin: Dear James, please make your offer here in this post, rather than posting your email address. Thank you for your understanding)

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    I have the same martell cognac. it has been in the family house for a very long time. I am willing to sell it if the price it right.

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    Hi ,

    I you want to sell ,

    please contact email.. (Comment by admin: Please first place an offer, later on you may communicate via email. We are trying to make this more transparent for everyone here. Thank you.)


    Louie Wong

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    Mike nguyen

    I will buy 300$ to 400$ who want to sale email me

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    If you didn’t sell a bottle I ask you to write.
    Your bottle becomes good addition in the Martell collection.

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    Jeffrey M. Davies

    We have a bottle of Martell’s Medaillon Fine Champagne Cognac that looks very similar to the one pictured above. It does not have the lower part of the label where it states, “Bottled in France”, as that expression was reserved for bottles that were exported. Our bottle was purchased in the region of Cognac and has never left Bordeaux since then.

    It belonged to my wife’s uncle who passed away in 1981 and had been in his possession for nearly 20 years before then.

    We have photos upon request. We will welcome the best offer anyone collector cares to make.

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    I have a bottle of
    Martell medaillon v.s.o.p that I’m trying to sell u can contact me

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    Max (

    Hello there @Wayne and everyone

    please note that you first need to bid on bottles and that we will then get you in touch with the seller.

    Please use the Submit Your Bottle submission function at to submit your own bottles if you have one.

    Once the bottle is online, and bidding is done, we’ll connect buyer and seller. If you have any questions regarding the procedure or want to be put in touch with a buyer please contact [email protected]


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