Now, we just had to report about this one. Also because of the color.

Carnivo XO is a neon green bottle: A blend of menuet cognac »”>Menuet Cognac, French Vodka and a tropical berry flavor juice. And who produces it? The company is called Carnivo Unlimited and exlusively imports to the United States – where the product targets young and multicultural consumers. Menuet Cognac is a 100% Grande Champagne Cognac, but are they seriously telling us, that they mix a good XO Cognac in there? Yes, they are.

Apparently Carnivo is very sweet, and somehow tastes like Gatorade.. That sounds a bit particular. And it also looks a bit strange, because the drink itself is green.

Carnivo XO

The brand was launched in January 2006 and it is supposed to be marketed as a luxury product. Also, Carnivo Unlimited is the exclusive importer of Menuet in the US and Mexico.

It would be really good to know what kind of Menuet XO Cognac is used for the mixdrink – but let’s assume it’s not the Menuet XO how we know it. As Carnivo itself is not even a Cognac, the company can probably add the quality term XO without having any serious problems with the French administration.

a Carnivo XO party!

Carnivo is available in stores and online. Price is about $30 and the ABV is 20.0%

Some tasting notes:
Color: florescent green
Taste: watery sweet, guava
Finish: sweet, citrus and fruity notes

Radioactive or why is it green?

The drink even received an award: Silver Medal at International Review of Spirits Award

The address of the company:
Carnivo Unlimited LLC
3350 Wilshire BLVD
Los Angeles CA 90010
(213) 252-6990
(213) 386-9601

Source:, Press release of Carnivo Unlimited

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It's Green! Carnivo XO is a mix of Cognac, fruit juice and Vodka

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    I knew it wouldn’t take long before a company take something so good like cognac and fuck it up for the sake of selling it to kids!

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    opinionated alchemist

    So there are two distinctive things, which tells us a story:

    They say it is a blend from vodka, xo cognac and other stuff – however if you use a blend, you can use a very small part of cognac – there are no legal restriction, if you use 0.1% cognac or 10%… if I see the taste notes I rather believe that the ratio is very slow [it is always a good marketing point, to add an expensive cognac…].
    And: a legal XO cognac only needs to be aged in French oak barrels for 6 years!
    Off course, all serious cognac houses are over-exceed this by a factor of 5 up to a factor of 10 – but legally for a cognac the age has to be 6 years. If you are blending, you don’t use/buy bottles of a finished product, but you are using cognac barrels. Guess how old cognacs they are using for their product?

    What also irritates me, is the artificial color. How can even dump marketing people think, that people will buy an quite expensive product which is infantile green?

    This is a riddle not difficult to solve… There are even some VS cognacs out, which exceeds the legal XO status. Don’t buy this sh*t!!!

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