So Ice-T is another rapper that jumps on the beverage train. He just signed to promote a spirit called Original Gangster XO brandy. But be aware: It’s produced in France, it might be called XO – but it’s not a Cognac.

‘Original Gangster’ brandy is no Cognac

Ice-T did a deal with Aiko Importers and Pay Up Management, to endorse brandy.

Aiko owns a distribution network in the United States with over 60 partners in 37 different states. Additionaly the company has some beverage brokers that promote and sell the imports in 50 US states.

Original Gangster Brandy

Ice-T’s manager Mickey Bentson, told As Allhiphop reported, the rapper’s manager Bentson said

Ice-T sat down with me and I told him, ‘you have to see the presentation.’ He loved the taste and the bottle. At the direction of Ice-T, I also told them we didn’t want money, we wanted a partnership. Ice decided it would be best to have partnership in the business so we can build other brands. The bottles are great and the liquor is fantastic.

The brand OG XO Brandy exists since 2004, it is produced somewhere in France and sold in some US states so far, including Chicago, LA, Houston and Boston.


Okay, all this is not surprising. Conjure was introduced by Ludacris, Snoop Dogg is doing Landy, Dr. Dre was supposed to introduce his Aftermath Cognac in November (is that really happening? We do not know, see article below at Related Articles) – and lots of other rappers promote alcoholic beverages…

The brandy is supposed to go nationwide in 2011. The price: Between $23 and 43$.


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Ice-T now promotes French Original Gangster XO brandy

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  1. Avatar

    It’s seems like the music artists are now jumping on this cognac thing. And just like any old fade that they push, it’s only short lived. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Ice T, but I’m only going to stick with the originals brands of Cognac.

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    I tasted this brand in NY and it was smooth and delicious, but I can’t find it in Orlando, fl or NC. Good job Ice T in diversification of products to be involved in.

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