A very rare Cognac fetches  $34 000 at Vancouver International Airport! A Rémy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl 1.5l bottle was sold to a Chinese couple. They were on their way back home to China… and probably Monsieur found a fantastic bottle, before boarding.

Honey, I gotta' get a Black Pearl rare cognac before boarding

The bottle of rare Cognac has been waiting for this buyer since February. It’s one of 358 bottles, a very limited edition, and a product diversification of Rémy’s product line Louis XIII. The Black Pearl was released in 2008 and comes in a crystal decanter.

Apparently this bottle was one of the last available in the world, an airport manager said.

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Source: moodiereport.com

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"Honey, I Quickly Grab A Bottle Before Boarding" - Black Pearl Cognac sold for  000 at airport

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    I still need to save a couple bucks to get one of those…

  2. Avatar
    david dalton

    I have a bottle of remy martin louis XIII that I got from C. Arnholdt Smith’s wife, Helen, after her death. Bottle’s never been opened and is stored in a oval red velvet box. Any one know the value?

  3. Avatar

    Okay, My question is, this Chinese Couple bought this $34,000 Remy Martin Louis Thirteenth Black Pearl post 9/11 ..again worth $34,000 or much more since it is claimed to be the last bottle in existence.

    How on earth did they get this on the plane? No TSA agent will allow liquids more than 4 oz. to be carried on. Did they send it through with their luggage?

  4. Avatar
    Frequent Flyer

    How on earth did they get this on the plane? No TSA agent will allow liquids more than 4 oz. to be carried on. Did they send it through with their luggage?


    Guess you don’t travel much eh?

    They bought it at the duty free shop, and you can bring anything from the duty free shop onto the plane, regardless of volume. All purchases are usually sealed at the duty free shop.

  5. Avatar

    Hmmmm, well let me give you all a little insight into this. First off the person who purchased this is very rich I am pretty sure. That means that they were on thier own plane and you might not know that you can get a lot more things on your own plane than you can a commercial fight. Think about it!!

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    Stroud dewitt

    I have a bottle of lou13 gave to me in 1981? Is ok and what is approx value

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